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SHIMMER Spotlight: MsChif


You know what time it is people! Really? You don’t? Well I’ll clue you in. It’s time your weekly dose of SHIMMER goodness. Every weekend, I’ll be bringing you profiles on the hard hitting ladies of SHIMMER. Everyone from the major players like MsChif to the up and coming rookies like Ashley Lane and Portia Perez. So lets get to the good stuff, guys.

Name: MsChif

Age: Unknown

Entrance Theme: “The Pagan Swords Of Legend” by Hecate Enthroned

Associates: Cheerleader Melissa; Daffney

Finisher(s): Code Green; Desecrator; Obliterator

Accomplishments: ChickFight IV Winner; GCW Light Heavyweight Champion (1 Time); SHIMMER Women Athletes Champion (1 Time, current); Ranked #5 on the PWI Female 50

This week’s SHIMMER Spotlight is dedicated to the queen of the hill, current SHIMMER Women Athletes Champion, MsChif. The veridian maned brawler has fought her way up from obcsurity in the indies to become one of the most critically acclaimed athletes in women’s wrestling today.

Not much is known about MsChif’s life prior to her career in pro wrestling. She originally debuted in Gateway Championship Wrestling, feuding with the likes of Daizee Haze and Nikki Strychnine (which was voted the feud of the year by the promotion). She even managed to win the GCW Light Heavyweight Championship and defended it against Evan Bourne among others.

After leaving GCW, MsChif took to IWA Mid-South to make a name for herself. She rekindled her feud with Daizee Haze, while starting new ones with Mercedes Martinez and Mickie “Moose” Knuckles. As a member of IWA, MsChif picked up several titles, not all exclusive to women. But her big break came in 2005, when she joined the ranks of SHIMMER.

In MsChif’s SHIMMER debut, she took on fan favorite Cheerleader Melissa, and gained a upset victory. This match would be the catalyst to SHIMMER’s most notable feud to date. In Volume 2 of SHIMMER, MsChif lost to Beth Phoenix and during her match on Volume 3 against Lexie Fyfe, Melissa Came to ringside and distracted the diabolical mistress. The two went on to feud for the several volumes, participating in numerous SHIMMER firsts: First Hardcore Match, First Last Woman Standing Match and First Falls Count Anywhere Match. However, MsChif and Melissa made amend to take on The International Homewrecking Crew, forming a tandem known playfully by SHIMMER fans as MelisChif.

When the tournament to name the first ever SHIMMER champion was announced, MsChif was definitely a favorite to win. MsChif won her first tournament match, defeating Lexie Fyfe but lost her semi-final match to relative newcomer Sarah Stock. After a picking up a tag team win against Allison Danger and then champion, Sara Del Rey, MsChif was granted a title match against DelRey in which she became the second ever SHIMMER Champion. She has since defended her title against DelRey, as well as Mercedes Martinez and Jetta. She has also taken to defending her SHIMMER title in big brother promotion, Ring Of Honor in SHIMMER’s off season.

If I had to pick between TNA and WWE for MsChif, I would definately pick TNA where her athletic skills and unique looks would be both welcome and appreciated. However, according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, MsChif has been named as a “must-sign” by WWE and TNA scout. Alas, only time will tell. Here’s a few vids of  ‘Your Soul’s Tormentor’ to get you familiar. Enjoy!


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