Thursday, December 7, 2023

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SHIMMER Volume 31 Taping Results

Diva Dirt‘s Steven is on hand at this weekend’s SHIMMER festivities in Berwyn, Illinois. Today, SHIMMER will be filming Volumes 31 and 32 to round out the weekend. Below are complete results from the Volume 31 taping.

SPARKLE (Pre-Show)
* PJ Tyler & Leva Bates def. Anna Minoushka & She Nay Nay. PJ pins She Nay Nay after a modified fisherman suplex. Bates is really over. Surprisingly good match.

Volume 31
1. Kellie Skater def. Jessica James with a running necksnap. James is really tiny, think AJ Lee but she uses it to her advantage. Lots of quick strikes and rollups. Good matchup. I see Jessica going places. Crowd was behind her the whole time.

2. Jessie McKay def. Sassy Stephie with the School Girl Crush followed by the Boyfriend Stealer. Great Back and forth match. Sassy pulled some awesome moves but Jessie managed to take the win.

4. Malia Hosaka def. Rayna Von Tosh with a chicken wing face buster. Crowd is hot for Rayna. Gorgeous in person. Sloppy match to be honest, but Rayna is hot enough to make me not care!

5. Mercedes Martinez def. Tomoka Nakagawa with a top rope fisherman buster. Great technical wrestling at the start. Sick brainbuster midway through. Nakagawa almost got the win with a fisherman buster.

6. Melanie Cruise def. Allison Danger. Cruise wins after Annie Social distracts the ref allowing her to roll up Danger. After the match the heels beat down Danger and Jennifer Blake makes the save. Danger and Blake challenge Social and Cruise for Vol. 32 to be taped later today.

7. Daffney def. Rachel Summerlynn in a No DQ match. Daffney is very vocal, screaming “DIE!!!” at Rachel. Fans are hot for Daffney. Sick whip by Summerlyn into the barricade. Quick match however. Rachel is visibly in tears.

8. Hiroyo Matsumoto def. LuFisto with a sick side suplex. Matsumoto is playing up to the crowd, spanking and biting LuFisto’s butt. Lufi missed 2 Burning Hammers. Great match.

Eagles cuts a promo backstage saying she’ll be the next champ.

9. Cheerleader Melissa def. Misaki Ohata with the Kudo Driver. Melissa dominates with her strength early on, but Ohata get a couple near falls. Ohata misses a top rope drop kick and gets caught by the Kudo Driver. Ref have to carry her out.

MsChif cuts a promo on Eagles backstage.

10. Canadian Ninjas def. Ariel & Nikki Roxx to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships. Ninjas try to sell them their shirts, then attack them. Nikki and Ariel steal them and throw them out to the crowd. Lots of comedy in this match. Ariel hits a great tornado DDT and gets the hot tag. Perez takes out Ariel with a superkick. They then pin Roxx with a superkick/german suplex combo.

11. Hamada def. Daizee Haze with the Hamada Driver. Daizee’s body is ripped in every way imaginable. The crowd is all over her. Hamada gets a crazy ovation.Towards the end, Hamada hits a sitout powerbomb. Awesome match, as can be expected. Haze can draw some crazy heat. Ending was absolutely sick! Match of the day so far.

12. Ayumi Kurihara def. Sara Del Rey via rollup. Del Rey dominating the entire match. Lots of close calls at the end. Words cannot describe how awesome this match was. Huge upset by Kurihara.

13. Madison Eagles def. MsChif to become the new SHIMMER Champion. Madison’s skirt says “I Heart Me.” Lol. Crowd is all over Eagles. Eagles tries covering ‘Chif’s mouth to stop her screaming. It doesn’t work. Eagles takes the win via the Hell Bound. I am in shock.

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