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SHIMMER Volume 41 Taping Results

SHIMMER returns this weekend, October 1st and 2nd, with four new tapings for the SHIMMER DVD series.

Diva Dirt’s Steven is on hand in Berwyn, IL, bringing us live results.

SPARKLE (pre-show)
* Bonesaw Jessie Brook, Buggy Nova and She Nay Nay def. Kimberly Maddox, Veda Scott and Su Yung after Bonesaw hits Maddox with a double underhook DDT.

Picture of Su Yung (former WWE developmental talent, Sonia) at SHIMMER:

* Allysin Kay and Maja Svennson vs KC Spinelli and Cherry Bomb ends in a time limit draw.

SHIMMER Volume 41
* Nikki Roxx def. Kellie Skater via school boy.

* Pre-tape of Kana arriving in Berwyn. Sara Del Rey tries to shake her hand, but Kana ignores her.

* Mercedes Martinez def. Davina Rose via fisherman’s buster.

* Video package of Nevaeh‘s heel turn at AAW last night.

* Hailey Hatred def. Kalamity via running powerbomb. After the match, the two embrace, but are attacked by Mena Libra and Melanie Cruise.

* Video package of Kana in the Eagles Club. Cheerleader Melissa tries to introduce herself but is blown off.

* Sara Del Rey def. Yumi Ohka via Royal Butterfly in a fantastic match.

* Amber Gertner is in the ring and calls out one half of first SHIMMER Tag Team Champions: Ashley Lane (Madison Rayne). Ashley says she has a problem with Neveah’s actions at AAW. Neveah comes out and says Ashley turned her back on the company and that she is the better wrestler. A fight nearly breaks out and the refs have to pull Neveah and Ashley apart.

* Kana def. Mia Yim via rear naked chokehold variation. Great debut for Kana and a great showing for Yim.

* Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor Dan Murphy presents Madison Eagles with a plaque for being #1 on the PWI Female 50. Madison announces that she will be facing Serena tonight. Serena hits the ring and congratulates Eagles. Serena tells her that she should focus on their title match tonight. Serena says she been through a lot, but she never lost her passion to be SHIMMER Champion. She promises to win the SHIMMER title tonight.

* Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa come out to the ring and say that have nothing to prove and are taking the night off. Bryce Remsberg comes out and says that they have to defend their titles tonight. Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada come to the ring next and a SHIMMER Tag Team Title match is set, despite Daizee and Tomoka not being dressed for competition.

* Hamada and Kurihara def. Haze and Nakagawa to become NEW SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. Ayumi got the pin on Nakagawa after two exploder suplexes.

* Ashley Lane vs Nevaeh is up next.

* Nevaeh def. Ashley Lane via German suplex. After the match, Sassy Stephie joins Neveah in the ring to celebrate.

* Daizee comes out and goes on tirade about her loss, ending with her quitting the promotion.

* Britani Knight vs Cheerleader Melissa is next.

* Melissa def. Britani via Air Raid Crash. Post-match, Saraya comes out and berates a frightened Britani and chases her to the back.

* Portia Perez vs Jessie McKay is up next.

* Portia def. Jessie after Portia distracts the ref by bringing in a chair and hits Jessie using a chain.

* Portia cuts a promo on Serena and says she hope Deeb wins the title so she can beat her for it.

* Saraya Knight w/ Britani Knight vs Allison Danger w/ Leva Bates is next. Britani says that Rebecca Knox is not here because Danger attacked her and broke her nail. Danger comes out and challenges Saraya to a “British rounds match”. Allison Danger wins the first round via roll up. Second round: No winner. Third round: Saraya Knight by using the ropes. Saraya wins the fourth round with her arm across Danger’s throat to win the contest.

* Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Nicole Matthews via pinfall.

* Serena vs Madison Eagles for the SHIMMER Championship is up next.

* Madison Eagles def. Serena Deeb via Hellbound to retain. Absolutely amazing match.

Madison Rayne Returns to Her SHIMMER Roots

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