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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 5” – Kharma Returns to the Ring


Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 5 airing live on iPPV tonight, headlined by the return of former WWE star Kharma to the ring. (Order the event)

Full results of the show below:

All times are GMT

00:54 AM: Just minutes to go now. The stream is airing a couple of promos from some of the wrestlers taking part tonight.

01:04 AM: We’re off! Daffney is in the ring looking lovely as our Master of Ceremonies for the night.

01:07 AM: The first match of the night will see Sassy Stephie go up against Heidi Lovelace.

Sassy Stephie vs Heidi Lovelace:

Stephie takes Lovelace early on with a shoulder tackle, Lovelace responds with a headscissors takedown and some armdrags. Body slam by Lovelace for a two-count. Stephie hits a Russian Leg Sweep then works Heidi’s arm, goes for a pin and gets a two-count. Stephie now in control, throwing Heidi across the ring. Snap suplex by Stephie followed by a weak cover. Stephie throws  Heidi’s head into the mat a few times, then drags her throat onto the middle rope. Stephie mocks Heidi, and Lovelace responds with some fists, but Stephie knocks her back down with some fists of her own, followed by a piercing chop to Heidi’s chest. Some hard forearms between the two wrestlers now, Stephie winning the exchange and stomps Heidi hard for a two-count. Irish whip into the turnbuckle, but Heidi dodges and hits a drop toe hold then a clothesline, then a nice dropkick straight to Stephie’s jaw. A headscissors-takedown sort of move from Heidi, with Stephie in a kneeling position, for a two-count. Stephie comes back and locks Heidi in with an interesting submission move. Lovelace escapes, misses an enzuguiri, then Stephie hits Kiss My Sass for the three count.

Winner: Sassy Stephie

01:18 AM: Daffney is back in the ring to announce the next match. Out comes Niya, whose entrance is certainly…eye-catching. She’ll be facing Marti Belle.

Niya vs Marti Belle:

The pair lock up, with an exchange of wristlocks and hammerlocks. Niya gets the upper hand, pushing Marti to the ground by her hair, but Marti counters with a throw of her own. Niya then locks in a headscissors, but Belle escapes. Shoulder block by Niya, Belle then hits some armdrags then locks in a side headlock and slams Niya down arm-first for two. Niya Irish whips Marti to the turnbuckle, Marti escapes, but Niya counters and hits a huge kick to the side of Marti’s head. Niya now charging into Marti, who’s been thrown into the turnbuckle, then throwing her to the mat by her hair again. Lots of hair-pulling in this match! Marti fights back with some fists, but Niya counters with a scoop slam for a near-fall. Niya goes for a few more pin attempts to no avail, then goes for a surfboard, which she applies successfully, but breaks it quickly as she realises her shoulders were on the mat. Niya now with some more forearms, then a Codebreaker-style move. Goes up top, but Belle gets up and pulls her off the top turnbuckle. Big series of clotheslines from Marti, then a double-knee to the chest and a rolling senton to Niya in the corner. Two count. Marti applies a double underhook, but Niya escapes and drives Marti into the turnbuckle. Marti counters the next one, but Niya pills Marti throat-first onto the ropes. Niya then hits the Tequila Sunrise for the victory.

Winner: Niya

01:33 AM: Up next is Sojo Bolt against Su Yung.

Sojo Bolt vs Su Yung:

Su Yung extends her hand, but Sojo Bolt slaps it away. The pair lock up, and Bolt pushes Yung into the corner. Some taunting from Bolt, then they lock up again. Bolt does some push-ups in the ring to mock Yung, then hits a hard fist to Yung’s mouth. Yung repays the favour, then hits a hiptoss and a Japanese armdrag. Yung applies a headlock, then Sojo escapes and hits a shoulder block off the ropes. Misses the clothesline, and Yung responds with a clothesline of her own. A drop-toe hold from Yung, followed by a dropkick. An exchange of strikes on the ropes from both wrestlers, then Bolt applies a nice submission move between the ropes on Yung.  Sojo throws Yung into the turnbuckle and applies a boot to the throat. Yung bounces back with some hard strikes, Sojo counters with a neckbreaker-like move followed by a big dropkick. Goes for a pin but barely gets two. Bolt straddles Yung, applying pressure to the throat and midsection, goes for another pin but only two. Yung hits some firsts, goes off the ropes but Bolt counters with a clothesline for another two-count. Bolt then applies a sleeperhold in the middle of the ring. Yung, after quite a struggle, gets up and manages to get Bolt into the corner, before applying a sleeper of her own. Sojo is starting to fade, but manages to muster up the energy to counter with a snapmare, but misses a diving headbutt, then another charge into the corner. Yung hits a big boot, followed by a clothesline, a mule kick and an attack with her hip for two. Yung goes up top, but Bolt gets up and hits a big forearm to the stomach of Yung. Sojo goes for a Muscle Buster but Yung drives Sojo Bolt down to the canvas for the three-count.

Winner: Su Yung

01:50 AM: Out comes Nikki St John, who’ll be facing Santana in the next match.

Nikki St.John vs Santana:

Nikki starts with an armbar and a wristlock, but Santana counters beautifully, hits a drop-toe hold, then the pair exchange hammerlocks, with Santana getting the upper hand. A shoulder tackle from Santana for a one-count, then goes back to Nikki’s arm. Nikki switches the momentum and drives Santana into the turnbuckle, before Santana counters and applies another arm submission. Some hard chops to Nikki’s chest, goes for a backdrop but Nikki counters and pulls Santana down to the mat for a one-count. Body slam from Nikki, followed by some hard forearms, a kick to the abdomen and a running high knee for a near-fall. Santana rolls Nikki up, but Nikki kicks out and hits a clothesline. Some more hard forearms from Nikki on the ropes, but Santana counters with a sunset flip, but Nikki soon regains control, and hits a big clothesline for another two-count. The pair exchange strikes, then Santana hits a dropkick and a snap suplex, floats over for the pinfall but Nikki kicks out at two. Nikki gets Santana into the turnbuckle, Santana gets up top and counters with a crossbody, then a handspring moonsault for the three-count.

Winner: Santana

02:02 AM: Next we’ve got some tag team action, as  Allysin Kay and Taylor Made take on the team of Leva Bates and Kimberly.

Made in Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) vs Leva & Kimberly:

Taylor Made and Leva Bates start us off. Leva chasing Taylor around the ring. Leva applies a front facelock, Taylor counters, Leva counters and lands a drop-toe hold to take Taylor down to the mat. Leva continues the front facelock, but refuses to make the tag until Kimberly puts on the hat Leva gave her. Eventually Kimberly complies, and we see some nice double-team action from the two. A back senton from Leva onto Taylor – that must hurt, given Made in Sin are wearing spiked bras! Inverted atomic drop from Kimberly, with Leva liberally landing strikes from on the apron. Taylor tags in Allysin, who pulls Kimberly’s t-shirt over her eyes and hits a few hard chops to Kimberly’s back. Kimberly counters and locks in a Boston Crab, but Allysin reaches the rope. Kimberly and Leva take turns to charge into Allysin in the turnbuckle. Some fancy footwork by Leva to take Allysin out, but can only get a two-count. Allysin hits some ferocious fists on Leva in the corner, Leva reverses it and hits some strikes of her own. Leva hits a monkey flip, then prevents Kay from making the tag to her partner. Kay punches Leva and makes the tag into Taylor. Leva throws Taylor into the turnbuckle. and Kimberly throws Kay into another turnbuckle, then they both drive their opponents into the mat respectively. Allysin and Taylor leave the ring to recuperate. Back in the ring, Leva hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker onto Kay, but Kay responds with a big lariat for two. Some big chops from Allysin Kay to the chest of Leva Bates, then Leva responds with an enzuguiri. Allysin hits back and tags in Taylor Made, who tries to ground Leva, but Leva hits a sunset flip for two. Leva goes to make the tag but Taylor lands a big kick to her head. Tag made to Allysin Kay and the pair both work Leva’s legs. Leva grapevine’s Allysin’s legs but Kay manages to tag in Taylor, who locks in a double-arm submission move, then hits a pinfall, but Leva kicks out at two. Allysin Kay comes back in, hitting Leva with some big stomps in the corner. A cocky pinfall attempt from Allysin only manages two. Allysin locks in an arm submission, and…is she biting Leva Bates? Leva tries to fight back but Allysin Kay hits a huge clothesline for another two-count. Allysin then takes Leva up to the top rope, setting up for a superplex but Leva escapes and hits a double-stomp to Allysin’s back. Both wrestlers manage to tag in their partners. Kimberly cleaning house here, taking out both of her opponents. Locks in a cloverleaf onto Taylor, but Kay breaks it up before getting taken out by Leva Bates. Kimberly lands a sitout neckbreaker but Kay breaks the pin up again, and Leva sends Kay to the outside. Kimberly goes for a verticle suplex on Taylor but it gets countered. Kay and Taylor isolate Kimberly in the ring and hit their finisher for the win.

Winner: Allysin Kay and Taylor Made

02:29 AM: After the match, Kimberly attacks Leva Bates from behind, and locks in a cloverleaf. Leva Bates screams in pain, and Kimberly leaves, with Bates left helpless in the ring.

02:32 AM: Now we have two wrestlers making their SHINE debuts, as Ivelisse takes on Athena.

Ivelisse vs Athena:

Athena armdrags Ivelisse, goes for a big kick but Ivelisse retreats to the outside. She heads back to the ring and Athens lands a big knee to Ivelisse’s face. Ivelisse hits a handspring elbow for the two-count, but misses a second attempt and Ivelisse pulls Athena’s arm down onto the rope to gain the advantage. Ivelisse gets some hard kicks and starts working the arm and shoulder of Athena. Athena hits back, but Ivelisse lands a hard kick to Athena’s back, then a big enzuguiri. Ivelisse now in full control here. Ivelisse locks in a gogoplata, then switches into a cross-armbreaker, but Athena manages to break it. Ivelisse wraps Athena’s arm around the middle rope and pulls it hard, then takes her down to the mat. Ivelisse locks herself around Athena, but Athena counters and throws Ivelisse hard onto her back. An exchange of forearms from the pair now, followed by some kick attempts dodged by both, then Athena lands a big kick then a springboard crossbody for a two-count. Another big boot from Athena, right to Ivelisse’s face. Athena goes to the top rope, attempts the O-Face  but Ivelisse counters and drives Athena into the mat for a near-fall.  Ivelisse then hits an STO but only gets two. Some hard chops from Ivelisse, then she sits Athena up on the top rope, but Athena hits a big forearm, then the O-Face for the win.

Winner: Athena

02:48 AM: The next match has a 111-minute time limit for some reason, and features Jessicka Havok and Nikki Roxx. Havok’s matches have been excellent over the past year or so, so this should be good.

Jessicka Havok vs Nikki Roxx:

The pair push each other a few times, then Roxx applies a waistlock. Havok escapes, but Roxx trips Havok to the mat and goes back to the waistlock. Roxxi rolls Havok up for two, then hits a backslide for another two, before going back to the waistlock again. Havok manages to shake Roxx off, but Roxx goes up top and hits a crossbody, then a swinging neckbreaker. Havok gets up and hits a big boot then a spear for two. Havok applies pressure to Roxx’s throat with her boot, then hits some shoulder tackles to Roxx’s midsection. Roxx comes back with some punches, but Havok stops it with a kick to the abdomen, then throws Roxx out of the ring. Havok manhandles Roxx outside the ring, driving her into a metal pole. Roxx gets back up and drives Havok face-first to the ring steps, then hits some big forearms, but Havok hits a big kick, pushes Roxx into the ring, and gets a chair! The ref takes the chair away, and Roxx goes for a rollup while Havok isn’t looking, but Havok kicks out. Havok locks in a full nelson submission, then a backbreaker and a clothesline for a near-fall. Nikki Roxx then hits a big boot, and the pair are both lying in the middle ring. Both get up before the count reaches 10, and Roxx hits a forearm to Havok, followed by a big clothesline and a fallaway slam for a two-count. Roxx then hits a slam for another two. Havok hits a chinbreaker, then a flapjack for a two-count of her own. Havok with a leg drop to Roxx’s throat, then does it again…and again. Two count. Both head to the outside, and both grab chairs! The ref tries to break it up, but a brawl ensues, which is then taken to the outside. The ref begins to count.  Roxx and Havok are still fighting, as it goes backstage. The ref calls for the bell.

Result: Double count out.

03:07:  Now it’s time for the main event, which sees Amazing Kong (Kharma) making her return to the squared circle for the first time since her WWE release, teaming up with the veteran Jazz to take on Mercedes Martinez and Rain.

Jazz & Amazing Kong vs Mercedes Martinez & Rain:

Jazz and Rain to start the match off. Jazz gets the advantage early on with an armdrag, then a drop toe hold and a front facelock. Rain reverses and locks in a half crab with applied pressure to Jazz’s back with her knee. Jazz regains the advantage and we see a series of restholds in the middle of the ring. Rain applies a headscissors to Jazz, but Jazz escapes and gets Rain in a Boston crab. Rain reaches the ropes to break the hold. Rain extends a hand to Jazz, but Jazz refuses and the pair lock up again. Jazz hits a monkey flip to Rain from the turnbuckle for a near-fall. Jazz tags in Kong, who stomps hard on Rain’s ribs and throws Rain to the mat. Rain escapes the ring and tags in Martinez on the way out. Martinez looks pretty reluctant to enter the ring with Kong, who pushes Martinez to the corner and hits a huge chop. Martinez reverses with a chop of her own, and some  forearms.  Kong whips Martinez off the ropes and hits a back elbow to send Martinez to the mat, then a big bodyslam and a splash for a two-count. Kong tags in Jazz, who misses a dropkick on Martinez. Martinez tags in Rain once more. Jazz goes back to the front facelock, then rolls Rain up for two. Some knee strikes to Rain’s midsection, followed by a butterfly suplex and a leg drop, but Rain kicks out. Rain whips Jazz towards the ropes, where Martinez kicks her hard in the back. Rain and Martinez isolate Jazz in their corner, and keep striking her, with quick tags in and out. Double suplex to Jazz for two. Rain hits a bulldog for another two-count, and Martinez tags in again, hitting Jazz with Three Amigos for a near-fall. Martinez and Rain choking Jazz while the ref’s back is turned. Martinez now applying a double underhook submission, Kong makes the tag in but the ref doesn’t see it. As the ref admonishes Kong, Rain and Martinez continue to take advantage of Jazz in the corner. Rain with some hard punches and kicks to Jazz, then a kick to the top of her head for two. Jazz fights back with some right hands and a heel kick to Rain’s stomach. Jazz goes to make the tag but Rain pulls her back before she can, and she drags her back to the heels’ corner. Tags in to Martinez, who clotheslines Jazz and gets a two-count. Martinez applying a back submission, Jazz looks like she’s starting to get fired up but Martinez kicks her back down. The pair put Jazz on the top rope for a superplex attempt, but Kong enters the ring and powerbombs the pair of them from up top. As Martinez goes back to her feet, Jazz hits a crossbody and tags in Kong, who cleans house with some huge clotheslines to Martinez. Kong goes for the Implant Buster, Martinez hits a big boot to Kong to break it, but can’t take Kong off her feet. Kong takes out Martinez and finally lands the Implant Buster for the three-count as Jazz and Martinez brawl outside.

Winner: Amazing Kong & Jazz

The show plays out with Jazz and Kong celebrating together in the ring, as a sorry-looking Martinez and Rain sulk their ways towards the back. Thanks for joining us for our live coverage of SHINE 5! Come back tomorrow for a full review!


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