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SHINE 56 recap: new SHINE Tag Team Champions crowned

SHINE 56 is now officially in the books from La Boom in Queens, NY. The event saw a new talent, a match ending in a no contest and the tag team titles changing hands.

The first match of the night saw a newcomer to SHINE by the name of Trish Adora make her debut against Dementia D’Rose. Wherever D’Rose is, the rest of the Cutie Pie Club is there to assist her. The leader of the stable, Candy Cartwright, accompanied D’Rose to the ring.

Adora has an eight-year history with the United States Army. She comes from the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and exhibits the smash mouth style of the Dudley Boyz.

Adora spent the majority of the match trying to overpower D’Rose. Hailing from the dark side of the full moon, D’Rose dominates the majority of the match. D’Rose, from the corner of the ring, drops herself upon the newbie for the pin and the victory.

The second bout of the night consisted of a familiar name to the SHINE audience, Brandi Lauren, facing her current foe Allie Recks. In what many would consider an upset due to Lauren’s history with the promotion, Recks defeated her at the previous SHINE event in tag team action.

This time it was a one on one bout where Lauren has to prove that Recks’ victory was a fluke. The match saw many near falls from both competitors. The two seemed pretty evenly matched. The match concluded with Lauren attempting her submission, but Recks was able to counter the attempt and pick up a second win in a row from Lauren.

The next match saw Priscilla Kelly take part in a street fight rematch from SHINE 54 – which Kelly lost – against Santana. On paper, one would think Santana would be the babyface in this exchange, but that was not the case.

Santanais known for her sunny disposition and her Wonder Woman like persona. This match brought out the dark side of the wrestling superhero. Santana was accompanied to the ring by Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert of the Rainbow Bright tag team

Rainbow Bright gave Santana the upper hand as the action quickly spilled out into the crowd. They constantly involved themselves in the match causing a handicap to Kelly. At this point, Santana brought chairs into the match as the crowd taunted her. Showing her new darker side, Santana told the crowd that they can shut up.

After the two dueled back and forth with chairs, Kelly rolled up Santana out of nowhere and with a handful of tights picked up the win. Santana and Kelly continued to fight on the outside. The Twisted Sisters rushed into the ring and started attacking their opponents as the bell rang to start their SHINE Tag Team Championship match.

The match was dominated by the Twisted Sisters throughout the majority of the bout. Both Holidead and Thunder Rosa showcased prime teamwork as they isolated Latasha throughout the match.

Rainbow Bright was able to get the distraction they needed as Kelly and Santana continued to brawl throughout the crowd, which distracted the ref. As the official’s back was turned, Gilbert clocked Rosa with what one may call a unicorn weapon apparatus. Gilbert was able to drag Latasha on top of Rosa for the victory. The new SHINE Tag Team Champions ended The Twisted Sisters 183 day reign.

Next, Kiera Hogan – with her Cutie Pie Club teammates Cartwright and D’Rose in tow – challenges Aja Perera – with business manager Ayla Fox in her corner – for her Nova Championship.

After one near fall after another, Cartwright attempts to help Hogan. She propped herself up on the ring apron with the Nova title in hand. This caused Fox to hop on the ring apron on the other side of the ring. As the official was busy with Fox, Hogan was pinning Perera.

After what may have been a three count and a new champion, Perera kicks out as the referee gathers his focus. Moments later, Hogan distracts the referee yet again. Cartwright was able to take advantage this time and clocked Perera in the head with the title belt. Perera kicked out at two.

Perera then rolled up the challenger into a neck choker submission maneuver until Hogan tapped out.

After the match Fox took to the mic. Fox stated that the Cutie Pie Club will get one more chance at the Nova Championship at SHINE 57 in tag team action. If the Club wins then they will win the title, if they lose Cartwright will be suspended for 90 days. The self proclaimed EXTRAterrestrial took to her social media to celebrate her victory.

That title match was followed by a highly personal match between a former mentor and student that came to a boiling point in a No Holds Barred match. As previously reported by Diva Dirt, Jordynne Grace cut a scathing promo about ending the career of LuFisto.

LuFisto didn’t waste any time by attacking Grace from behind as she made her way to the ring. A key moment to the match sees Grace faceplanting her opponent on the ring apron. LuFisto followed this up with several chops. The two then traded suplexes.

The match comes to a climax when both women enter a slug fest. After LuFisto delivers a headbutt, she pulls a cable wire she had inside her ring gear. She attempts to choke Grace out with the cable.

After several attempts from the official to break up the attack, LuFisto had enough and spears him. Grace knocks her down with a right hand and body slams the referee on top of her. The two continue to go at each other and a new referee attempts to break it up. Grace hits him with a low blow.

The match ends in a no contest after two officials are laid out and the bell rings. The SHINE locker room empties out and attempts to break up the two women as they attempt to tear each other apart. The crowd showed their displeasure on the ruling by chanting “no holds barred” and “we want violence.”

Lastly, we come to the main event. The champion Allysin Kay defends her title against a familiar face, Ivelisse. Both of these ladies have a history together as a result of a stable from years ago, but they have rarely wrestled against each other. So rare, in fact, that this will only be their second encounter.

Kay took to social media this past week cutting a promo to explain that although the two have a past, they are very different people. She promised to decimate Ivelisse.

The match highlighted the strength of the champion and the quickness of the challenger. The crowd was evenly split in who they were rooting for. The match was constant back and forth action to where neither woman seemed to have the advantage. The key moments of the match included the multiple submission holds that Ivelisse applied to the champion.

Ivelisse hits a scorpion kick but falls to the discus lariat by the champion. The AK-47 picks up the pin for the hard-fought victory. The two show respect with a pinkie shake to close out the show.

SHINE 57 will take place back at La Boom in March. Check back with Diva Dirt on more SHINE Wrestling news in the future.

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