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SHINE Wrestling Presents SHINE 1: Live Coverage – Jazz vs Del Rey, Daffney & More

Tonight, SHINE Wrestling presents its debut event, SHINE 1, live on Internet pay per view. The debut show from Ybor City, Florida will feature a main event match between Sara Del Rey and Jazz, plus Daffney as live event hostess and a Diva Dirt Legacy Award presentation for Jazz. (Order the event)

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of the show below and via its official Twitter page, @divadirt.


* Already announced: SHINE’s return to iPPV will be Friday, August 17th, the same weekend as SummerSlam.

* SHINE’s live event hostess Daffney welcomes us to the show, with her new sunhat. She says the card is stacked & we’re ready to go. “Less talking, more wrestling!”

* First match from SHINE is Florida local Kimberly vs Veda Scott.

Kimberly vs Veda Scott
Veda with the early advantage with an arm submission. Kimberly with a hammerlock that Veda reverses. Headscissors by Veda but Kimberly counters into a nice Boston crab. Veda grabs the ropes breaking the hold. Later, Veda with a front dropkick for a two count. Headlock but Kimberly counters with a side-Russian leg-sweep and two count. Snap suplex and another pin attempt by Kimberly. Front facelock by Veda, countered by Kimberly into hammerlock and another pin attempt.

Kimberly has the advantage now. Goes for a crucifix pin attempt. Veda with a nearfall now, also. Kimberly backs Scott into the corner and hits her with shoulder tackles. Veda off the middle rope with a clothesline. Veda with a pin attempt but Kimberly kicks out. Kimberly with a small package but Veda kicks out. Hair-mare by Kimberly followed by an octopus submission, but Veda counters into a pin.

Veda with a unique submission and pin attempt, Kimberly counters into a nice submission herself, pinning Veda’s legs and pulling on her arms. Veda manages to escape out of the hold and heads to the outside of the ring apron. Veda with a kick to the stomach and back of the head followed by a pin attempt.

Veda with a back-bump in the corner followed by a forearm. Veda on middle rope again with a dodgy looking crossbody. Kimberly manages to mount Veda with forearm shots. The referee breaks it up. As she argues with the referee, Veda gets on her feet. Veda goes a Mind Trip, Daizee Haze’s finisher. They seem to miss the cue at first, but eventually hit it. Veda scores the win.

Winner: Veda Scott.

Okay to not-so-okay opener. Hopefully things will only continue to get better from here.

Live feed down right after the opening match. This can’t be good.

We return mid-match between Tina San Antonio and Santana Garrett.

Tina San Antonio vs Santana Garrett
San Antonio is in control with a very nice submission move on Garrett, holding her off the ground by her arms and legs. She drops Garrett on her front. Forearm shots exchanged as Garrett shows some fire and goes for a nice running clothesline followed by a dropkick. Side-Russian leg-sweep follows up. Handspring back elbow in the corner – nicely done by Garrett. Garrett with a superkick and a handspring moonsault but Tina puts her knees up. Tina with a neckbreaker. San Antonio goes for some sort of move but Garrett counters into a pin.

Winner: Santana Garrett

Though we only caught the final couple of minutes of that match, good action between the two.

Up next is a tag team match featuring Allysin Kay and Taylor Made vs Su Yung and Tracy Taylor.

Allysin Kay & Taylor Made vs Su Yung & Tracy Taylor
Taylor Made asks the referee to pat down their opponents so they can’t cheat, even though she and Kay are the heels. They trash talk the crowd a little bit.

Bell rings and it’ll be Taylor Made vs Tracy Taylor to kick things off. Made backs Taylor into the corner. Taylor with a side headlock. Side takedown by Taylor. Taylor tags in Su Yung now. Yung with a waistlock followed by a full-nelson. Taylor back in now against Made. Side headlock. Made backs Taylor into the corner. Kay tags herself in and hits Taylor with several shoulder tackles. Side headlock by Kay now, but Taylor counters into one of her own. They continue to exchange side headlocks. Su Yung tagged in now. Kay with an armlock. Kay tries to bite her. Yung reverses. Yung & Taylor tag team Kay. Taylor in the ring now with Kay. She mocks Made on the apron by surfboarding on Kay.

Made in the ring now. Taylor in control. Yung tagged in and applies a guillotine submission. Yung with a dropkick. Made on the outside. Yung goes for a dive through the ropes but Kay cuts her off with a kick to the gut. Made distracts the referee while Kay slams Yung into the ring post outside. Yung rolled back in where Made goes for a pin but Yung kicks out.

Kay back in the ring now taking control of Yung with a nice triangle choke submission. Kay tags in Made now, who chokes Yung over the middle rope using her leg. Kay tags in again. Kay& Made control Yung, not allowing her to tag out to Tracy Taylor. Made with a double stomp in the corner.

Yung begins to fight back, but she’s beaten back down. Kay and Made double team Yung now with double kicks.

Kay talks trash to Yung as she hits her with forearms. Yung with a jawbreaker out of desperation. She goes for a tag and connects but the referee doesn’t see it. Yung still in the match. Kay with a nice full-nelson submission, lifting Yung off the ground. Kay continues to decimate Yung.

Yung finally hits the tag to Tracy Taylor who hits dropkicks on both Kay and Made. She hits Kay with several forearms, knocking her down. Powerslam off the ropes by Taylor for a two count. Yung goes up top and hits a missile dropkick (kind of) on Kay for a two count.

Kay and Made double-team Yung with a wheelbarrow diamond cutter (kind of) for the win.

Winner: Allysin Kay and Taylor Made

Allysin Kay totally the MVP of that match. Some spots didn’t look very good near the end.

Kay and Made interviewed by Daffney after the match. They trash talk a little bit.

Back in the ring, Tracy Taylor helping Su Yung to her feet.

Back in the ring, Daffney introduces the next match: Cherry Bomb vs Christina Von Eerie.

Cherry Bomb vs Christina Von Eerie
The two women lock up, but neither can get the better of it. They go nose to nose, acting pissed with each other but then go for a friendly hug. Cherry Bomb with a front press and waistlock. Both women get to their feet and Von Eerie takes advantage. Low dropkick by Cherry Bomb.

Von Eerie goes for a lionsault but falls to the mat clutching her knee. It looks like she’s hurt, but she then hits Bomb with a boot. Cherry Bomb later takes control with a kick to the face from the outside.

Cherry Bomb with a sleeper-hold. Von Eerie out of it. Pin attempt by Von Eerie. Jawbreaker by Cherry Bomb. Cherry Bomb with chops to the chest on Von Eerie in the corner. Von Eerie gets in some of her own.

The pair exchange blows now; Von Eerie headbutt, Cherry Bomb forearm. Von Eerie with a nice enziguiri on Bomb. Von Eerie with a surfboard submission hold, but Bomb counters into a pin attempt. Bomb with kick to the chest. Bomb up top with a nice missile dropkick. Pin attempt but Von Eerie kicks out.

Von Eerie goes for a headscissors but Bomb blocks it. Cherry Bomb a nice submission hold, a variation of the cattle mutilation move. Von Eerie gets out of the move, however. Boot to the face by Von Eerie. Eerie up top. Cherry charges at her, Von Eerie jumps over her. She hits finisher on Cherry Bomb for the win.

Winner: Christina Von Eerie

Von Eerie helps Bomb up after the match and raises her arm.

Great match.

Up next is Jayme Jameson vs Reby Sky.

Reby Sky vs Jayme Jameson
Jayme as the heel, Reby as the face. Jayme with early advantage but Reby comes back with a nice dropkick. Reby reverses Irish whip attempt with kick to stomach & back and then a leg drop.

Reby twists the arm, but Jayme fights back with forearms. Reby with a hiptoss on Jayme and an armlock. Jayme counters with an armlock of her own. Jayme drags Reby around the ring by the arm. Reby blocks a hiptoss, Jayme then blocks one too. Reby with a legdrop to the back. Goes for Twist of Fate, but Jayme backs her into corner. Reby goes for crossbody from the top but Jayme catches her and hits her with a fallaway slam.

Jayme with shots to the back of Sky and slams her over her knee, working over her back. Reby with a boot to the face to kick out. Jayme with a side-Russian leg-sweep now, taking Sky down.

Jayme goes for an elbow drop but Reby moves out of the way. Reby mounts her comeback with forearms and goes for a slam but Jayme uses her weight to position herself on top of Sky for a two count. Jayme with the control again. Drives her into the corner. Jayme now on the outside, contorting Reby’s body, back first, against the ring post.

Back in the ring, Jayme goes for a pin attempt but Reby kicks out. Jayme tries to keep Reby down. Goes for a snap suplex, then hits two more, going for a trio of suplexes. Pin attempt but Reby kicks out.

Jayme with a camel clutch now into a side-headlock. Reby with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Jayme with a forearm and whips Sky into the ropes, but Sky counters with a headscissors takedown and clothesline. Reby with a nice spin kick in the corner followed by a bulldog. Pin attempt but Jayme kicks out.

Jayme goes for a slam but Sky reverses into reverse DDT, I believe. Jayme with a backslide on Reby, but Sky kicks out. Jayme with a spinning side slam and pin attempt but Sky kicks out. She goes for the pin again but Reby again kicks out.

“Let’s go Reby” chant. Reby goes for the Twist of Fate and connects for the win.

Winner: Reby Sky

Decent match. Some real potential shown by Reby Sky.

Daffney back in the ring where she introduces ring announcer Lenny Leonard to the ring.

Leonard leads a round of applause for the show so far. Plugs SHINE 2 next month.

Lenny Leonard announces it’s now time for the Diva Dirt Legacy Award presentation for Jazz.

Daffney says the recipient has broken barriers, proven men can be as tough as men and one of the most talented women in wrestling. She runs down Jazz’s titles and accomplishments. She says Jazz is an icon of the original ECW and one of the toughest women in wrestling. She introduces Jazz to the ring.

Jazz heads out to the ring where she takes the microphone. An ‘ECDub’ chant breaks out. She thanks SHINE for giving her the opportunity to be on the show. She thanks Lexie Fyfe and Daffney, two of the company’s officials, for booking her on the show. She thanks Diva Dirt for this “awesome and humbling” award. She says fans don’t often realise how much hard work and dedication women put in the business, but this award shows how appreciated women in the business are. Jazz is interrupted by Mercedes Martinez, who wants Jazz to get out of the ring…

Jazz exits the ring, exchanging words with Mercedes in the process, as she heads to the back. A tease for a future Mercedes/Jazz match, perhaps.

It’s now time for Mercedes Martinez vs Leva Bates.

Leva heads out to the ring dressed as Spider-Man, not Catwoman as I might have expected considering The Dark Knight Rises is out today. Oh well. Still cool costume from Leva… but is she going to take off the mask?

Mercedes Martinez vs Leva Bates
Leva hangs upside down in the corner like Spidey. (PS: The mask is off!) Mercedes with early control. Chops early on. Leva gets some offense, but eventually heads out of the ring. Leva half under the ring? Mercedes drags her back into the ring by the hair. She goes up top and sprays Mercedes with a Spidey-like web – that’s what she was getting from under the ring. Surely this would be a disqualification, but nope.

Martinez with a boot to the face and back in control. Strikes to the chest in the corner followed by a running boot to the face. Leva, from the corner, sprays Mercedes again.

Mercedes hoists her into the air and keeps her there before crashing her down hard with a suplex. Martinez chokes Leva on the ropes.

Leva hits a Sliced Bread & goes for cover, but Martinez kicks out.

Leva now hitting lots of offense with a nice kick. Mercedes reverses a wheelbarrow into an overhead suplex. Ouch.

Mercedes hoists Leva into the air by her neck and chokes her. She slams Leva down and tries to pin with just a foot on Leva’s body.

Huge chop in the corner by Mercedes. She puts Leva on the top turnbuckle and seems to be going for a top-rope fisherman buster. Leva attempts a counter with a sunset flip, but Mercedes holds onto the ropes. Leva eventually manages to connect with the sunset flip. She then goes up top for a double stomp to the back of Mercedes.

Pin attempt but Mercedes kicks out at two.

Leva goes for a superkick but Merced with a spinebuster and a fisherman buster for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Fun match. Great showing for Leva, who definitely had the crowd in the palm of her hand with her Spidey gimmick. She got in some offense, if not a lot, but looked good.

Up next it’s Nikki Roxx vs Rain.

Nikki Roxx vs Rain
Lock-up. Rain stomps on Nikki’s foot. Different pin attempts. Nikki takes Rain down with a drop toe hold and applies a front facelock. Jawbreaker by Rain, followed by a side headlock takedown. Rain continues to lock in the side headlock and then hits a snapmare. Rain with elbows to the shoulder. Front facelock and knees to the stomach by Rain. She backs Nikki into the corner and strikes her across the chest. Nikki counters a hiptoss attempt into one of her own. Slam by Nikki.

Rain rolls to the outside asking for a time out. Nikki grabs her hair and brings her up to the apron. Rain kicks her and brings her down neck-first over the middle rope In the ring, Rain with a cravate. Headbutt and side slam. Rain with pin attempt but Nikki kicks out.

Rain with dropkick to the back. Rain continues to be in control. Kick off the ropes and pin attempt but Roxx kicks out. Submission hold by Rain but Nikki gets to her feet and drives Rain into the corner. Rain with a boot to the face. Rain with knees to the back.

Abdominal stretch by Rain now. Rain with a front facelock with a roll through into a sit-down front-facelock submission hold. Nikki rolls through and forces Rain’s shoulders down for a quick pin attempt. Back on their feet, Nikki drives Rain into corner with shoulder tackles. Rain with a roll-up pin attempt. Rain with a submission hold. Rain headbutts Nikki several times, whips her into the corner. Double knee smash in the corner.

Nikki now mounting comeback with headbutts and pin attempt. Rain, however, rakes her eyes and smashes her head into the mat.

Rain with a Lungblower and pin attempt. Roxx kicks out.

Rain whips Roxx into corner face-first.

Roxx fights back with an overhead toss.

Pin attempt by Roxx, but Rain holds the ropes.

Both women exchanging forearm shots while on the mat.

Roxx mounting comeback with a double axe-handle and then smashes Rain’s head into all four corners. She climbs to the middle with several forearm shots. Rain shoves her down. Roxx with a big boot and pin attempt, but Rain kicks out.

Rain with a gorilla slam from the top and pin attempt but Roxx kicks out. Rain not happy.

Roxx counters move into a torture rack-like submission before slamming Rain against the mat.

Knee strikes by Rain, but Roxx comes back with a big boot and pin attempt. Rain kicks out.

Rain rakes Roxx’s eyes and rolls her up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Rain

Good back and forth match between Rain and Roxx.

Daffney tries to grab a word with Rain. Rain says she made an example of Roxx and will make an example of others. Roxx and Rain fight to the back.

It’s main event time! Sara Del Rey vs Jazz. This should be awesome.

Jazz vs Sara Del Rey
The two veterans lock up. Jazz backs Del Rey into the corner. They lock up again as this time Del Rey backs Jazz into the corner and knocks her on the chin. Jazz comes right back, shoving Del Rey on her butt.

The pair step toe-to-toe smack talking . Crowd chants Jazz.

They lock up again as Del Rey locks in a side headlock. Jazz rolls out of it. Jazz now with an arm submission and side headlock of her own. Jazz takes Del Rey down to the mat, continuing to lock in the move. Del Rey rolls Jazz to her side, with her shoulders down and attempts a pin. Del Rey now counters into a headscissors on Jazz. Jazz with an amazing comeback, rolling through into a cloverleaf submission. Del Rey grabs the ropes to break the hold.

Del Rey with a front press and front facelock. Jazz counters into an armbar submission followed by a hammerlock submission, driving her knees into Del Rey’s back. Pin attempt but Jazz kicks out. Jazz with a cravate now and a pin attempt, but again Del Rey kicks out.

Del Rey, frustrated, rolls out of the ring and begins jawing with fans in the audience.

Del Rey up on the apron again, stepping into the ring. The pair eye each other before they go back at it. Del Rey has a unique submission hold on Jazz, but Jazz reverses mounting Del Rey from behind. She clubs her viciously across the face and goes for a pin attempt but Del Rey kicks out.

Del Rey with some hard kicks to Jazz and goes for a gut wrench. She holds Jazz in the air for a few moments before hitting the move. Del Rey now driving her knee into Jazz’s back. Double axe-handle across the back by Del Rey. Jazz fights back with forearms and smashes Del Rey’s head into the turnbuckle.

Jazz with a suplex; she floats into a pin attempt but only gets two. Del Rey rakes the eyes and shoves Jazz against the mat. Knees to the forehead by Del Rey followed by boots. Jazz tries to come back but Del Rey knees her back down. Del Rey chokes Jazz over the bottom rope, but the referee breaks it up.

Jazz comes back with some hard kicks of her own, finishing up with a spin kick which knocks Del Rey down. Jazz pumps up for her patented high leg drop and connects. Pin attempt but Del Rey kicks out. Jazz uses the middle rope to stretch Del Rey with a submission move.

Jazz to the outside, hitting Del Rey hard against the side of the ring. She then connects with a running big boot to the head. The pair are now on the outside as Jazz throws Del Rey into the barricade, and then slams her against the side of the ring.

Back in the ring, Jazz with stomps to a fallen Del Rey and then jumps on top of her, coming down on her with all of her body weight.

Jazz with a headbutt but Del Rey comes back with a kick and forearm strikes. Running boot by Del Rey.

A fan in the audience riles Del Rey up by saying she sucks.

Del Rey goes for Royal Butterfly but Jazz backs her into the corner with big shoulder tackles. Del Rey reverses Irish whip and hits a nice rolling kick to the head.

Kicks by Del Rey, followed by a choke with her foot. Del Rey with headbutts and an arm wrench. Whip to the corner. Del Rey charges at her but gets an elbow to the face. Jazz tells her to “get her ass up”.

Jazz with some haymakers to Del Rey, knocking her to the mat. Jazz gets a two count before Del Rey kicks out.

Jazz with clubbing blows across the back. Jazz with a series of nice butterfly suplexes. Pin attempt but Del Rey puts her foot on the bottom rope.

Another pin attempt but Del Rey reverses into one of her own.

Del Rey goes for the cross arm-breaker on Jazz, but Jazz puts her feet on the ropes.

Del Rey goes for the move again, but Jazz again has her foot on the rope.

Del Rey in control of Jazz now. Del Rey locks in an armbar submission, but Jazz manages to crawl to the ropes. Del Rey with a knee to the elbow, then aggravating it further by stretching it out over the bottom rope.

Del Rey continúes working over the arm and hits a northern lights suplex. Del Rey with knees and goes for the Royal Butterfly and connects. She gets a two count before Jazz kicks out.

Del Rey looks visibly aggravated now as the crowd chants for Jazz, willing her back into the match. Del Rey with a dragon screw into an STF. Crowd chants for Del Rey to tap. Jazz eventually reaches the ropes to break the hold. Jazz drags Del Rey back into the middle of the ring and applies the STF again. Loud ‘Tap’ chant. Del Rey again grabs the bottom rope.

Del Rey, in an act of desperation, guillotines Jazz over the middle rope and then begins laying in the kicks. Del Rey puts Jazz onto her shoulders, Jazz climbs down and hits the Jazz Stinger! Jazz with the three count for the win!

Winner: Jazz

Great match between Jazz and Del Rey. Very back and forth. Jazz still looks absolutely fantastic in the ring.

Del Rey goes for a handshake after the much and the two embrace.

Thoughts: A good show overall, despite obvious technical issues that I’m sure will be ironed out over the course of the next few tapings. Shaky start with the opening match and the stream cutting out for the second match.

Some good showings tonight, with Allysin Kay, Reby Sky and Leva Bates all particularly impressive in their respective matches.

The main event, which was the lure of the show for many fans, myself included, didn’t disappoint. Great work by both Del Rey and Jazz.

Obviously, going forward I’d like to see some more storylines develop. With the month-to-month format of SHINE, it’s conceivable that we could get long term shorelines. SHINE certainly planted the seed for Jazz vs Mercedes Martinez tonight, a main event that actually headlined the first ever WSU Internet pay per view in November 2010 and helped set the bar for that company. That looks to be the obvious main event for next month. Allysin Kay and Taylor Made’s tag team dominance seems to be another storyline, as well as Nikki Roxx and Rain continuing their feud based on the finish tonight.

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