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Shotzi Gets Revenge On Bayley, Tag Team Match Set For Next Week

Shotzi gets her revenge on Bayley on this weeks SmackDown. From several weeks ago when Bayley cut the hair of Shotzi, to her taking matters in her own hands and shaving off her hair, the two met in the ring. Dakota Kai and WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY were at ringside.

Shotzi did a good job on offense early in the match. Bayley went for a Bayley to Belly but Shotzi countered and hit a cannonball in the corner. When she went up to to perhaps put Bayley away, SKY caused the distraction. Bayley then asked SKY for the title belt to use as a weapon when Charlotte Flair’s music hit.

Flair delivered a big boot to SKY and tossed her into the barricade before jumping on the ring apron. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Kai attempted to get a punch in on Shotzi in the corner as the referee stopped it. This allowed Flair to get a hit on Bayley.

Shotzi planted Bayley for the victory. Next week, Shotzi and Flair will team up to face SKY and Bayley.

On NXT Level Up after SmackDown this week, Stevie Turner returned to TV for the first time since January and defeated Valentina Feroz.

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