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Should WWE Hire a Female Commentator?

sunnyWrestleMania is over and it’s time to get back to business. Well as you may or may not have heard, we have an opening in the announcing teams! SmackDown colour commentator, Tazz left the company last week leaving JR short a partner. It had been expected that after retiring last night, JBL would take up the position but in his farewell blog at WWE Universe, he denied he’d be staying with WWE.

So JR needs an announce partner… Who else could it be? It got me wondering, what if we had a female announcer? Back in the day, Lita did some commentary on Sunday Night Heat, but it’s unlikely she’d be willing to come back to WWE full time. If a ex-Diva were to take up the position, it certainly couldn’t be someone like Joy Giovanni (Oh hey girl, nice seeing you last night). The chosen Diva should be someone that could add some life and colour to the commentary, a Diva that’s outspoken and full of personality. Which brings me to two options: Sunny or Victoria.

Both of the Divas have the gift of the gab and could come across very well as a replacement for Tazz, Victoria in particular. Unfortunately, I don’t see her willing to come back to WWE full time as she’s set her heart on training for MMA. As for Sunny, she’s not got much going on these days so it could be a perfect arrangement. The Diva has done some hosting work for WWE in the past too.

Okay, so we all know that a female announcer is highly unlikely, but I’m just putting it out there!

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