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SmackDown Redux (August 1st, 2014): With Friends Like These…

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! This week, Divas Champion AJ Lee is in non-title action against WWE’s newest Total Diva, Rosa Mendes. Can Rosa finally pick up a win, or will she fall victim to the Black Widow? Check out the match below:

We start off our festivities with Rosa already in the ring. AJ is out next, the official signals for the bell, and our match is underway.

Rosa screams at AJ about getting a title shot, and gets a kick to the gut for her trouble. One Black Widow later, AJ has collected yet another win, and Rosa grabs another loss.

AJ retreats up the ramp, celebrating her win, and is shoved a towering three feet off of the stage by Paige. The former champion goes off, saying she’s still AJ’s friend, and insisting that the medical staff was overreacting as her tended to her. When all said and done, AJ is taken out of the arena on a backboard, with a neck brace.

We later learned, via, that AJ suffered a whiplash injury as a result of the attack.

Thoughts: Oh wow… That was quick. That had to be some kind of record, even for Rosa. Well, at least she’s getting some screen time, right?

In regards to this Paige/AJ feud, it’s getting more and more intense. Even though it feels like this is a secondary storyline, I predict it will be heating up, the closer we get to SummerSlam. Come Monday, we’ll get a update on AJ’s condition and hopefully a match announcement as well.

Well, that’s all for this week. Until next time… “I’m still your friend, AJ!!!”

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