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SmackDown Redux (August 22nd, 2014): All Hail the Queen of Harts

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! This week, the new Divas Champion Paige, takes on Natalya in a rematch from Monday night. Can the British born champion make a statement against the First Lady of The Hart Dynasty? Check out the match below:

We kick off our festivities with Natalya already in the ring. Paige is out next and we’re treated to a video of her loss to Natalya on Monday and her encounter with AJ Lee afterward. The official signals for the bell and our Divas match is underway.

Paige goes on the attack immediately with a vicious flurry of strikes, but Nattie fights back with some strikes of her own, followed by a beautiful butterfly suplex. Paige retreats to the outside for a breather, but ends up eating a baseball slide from Natalya. Natalya throws the champ back in the ring, but she rolls out the other side. Natalya persues, and gets leveled with a thrust kick to the throat.

With the advantage in hand, Paige smashes Natalya’s shoulder into the ring post, and leaves her to be counted out. Unfortunately for the champ, Nattie manages to make it back to the ring at eight.

Before Natalya can gather her composure, Paige hits several headbutts, and a few kneestrikes over the second rope, before cinching in a bodyscissors submission. While Paige tries to get the submission victory, AJ Lee’s music hits, and she skips to the ring. In the meantime, Natalya powers out of the submission, but Paige reverses for a nearfall.

Back on the outside of the ring, AJ has stolen the Divas Championship, and is retreating up the the ramp. Despite doing her best to stay focused, Paige gives chase, nearly being counted out in the process. With the title back in her possession, Paige runs back to the ring and right into a Sharpshooter. Trapped in the middle of the ring, Paige has no choice but to submit, while her rival AJ watches along with glee.

Thoughts: I swear I could just watch these two wrestle all day, and never get bored. Awesome match between these two generational Divas. Lots of aggression,  especially from Natalya, which we haven’t seen much from her recently.

As for the AJ/Paige storyline, I’m so glad to see it continuing. Obviously, these two will be feuding until Night of Champions, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Natalya thrown into the mix as well, especially after picking up two wins over the champ. MAKE IT HAPPEN, WWE!

Well, that’s all for this week, guys. Until next time… “I’m gonna get hungry, and forget my manners”

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