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SmackDown Redux Does WWE Superstars (April 30, 2009)


Last night’s episode of WWE Superstars saw the first Divas match of the new series, when SmackDown’s Gail Kim and Maria teamed up to take on Michelle McCool and new import, Alicia Fox. Check out the match below:

Now onto my thoughts! So Alicia’s debut for SmackDown occurs on Superstars, if that makes sense. Despite being on the winning team, we didn’t truly get to tap Alicia’s potential in this match as she was more of a battering ram for her portion of the match. We know that Alicia can wrestle and in fact, she’s likely a way better wrestler than Maria, but we saw little to no offense from Fox last night. Even though WWE did nothing to explain her heel turn all of a sudden, I think she worked well with what she had, she came across as a little more cocky and arrogant and looked great while doing so. How hard would it have been to have her do a little interview backstage to explain her new attitude? It’s not hard to think of an explanation, “I realised I was the real star in my relationship with DJ Gabriel blah blah…” Not hard at all.

Anyway, Alicia sold very well for Gail and even Maria. Gail looked on-point to kick off the match but then we get Maria tagged in and her own brand of ‘spastic wrestling’ comes into play. Looks like someone raided Michelle’s moveset, with that overhead neckbreaker. And then we see why I really don’t like Maria, her spastic running around the ring and that awful ‘fist’ to Alicia just looked bad. However I do give her credit and Alicia credit for that matter, because that headscissors looked awesome and was well performed on both parts.

From there Michelle takes over the match and does a good job of isolating Maria, adding some story to the match, however I have to admit it dragged a little longer than I think it should have. So fast forward to Gail getting the hot tag, we get to see some Gail-Michelle interaction and these two work pretty well together. Looks like Michelle kept her receipt on Gail’s win a few weeks back and returned the favour.

A decent match, I would have liked to see more Alicia, however.

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