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SmackDown Redux (January 7th, 2016): Charlotte Escapes a Championship Lasskicking

Hey guys and welcome to the first SmackDown Redux of 2016! Things are heating up this winter as on Raw, this week Charlotte betrayed her former gal-pal Becky Lynch after the Lasskicker picked up a win. The two former friends will go one-on-one for the Divas Championship on these edition of SmackDown. Who will come out on top?

Before the championship showdown, Jojo interviews Becky backstage:

Becky makes it clear that she and Charlotte are no longer friends and that this was not the first time she was betrayed by a friend. Becky concludes that this match for that Divas Championship will have nothing to due with a friendship.

Also, Jojo interviewed Divas Champion Charlotte alongside her father Ric Flair:

Jojo asked Charlotte if she was ready for the title match with Becky. Charlotte and Ric claim that Becky leeched off of her. Charlotte throws a jab of Becky never winning a title so how would she know how a champion act. Charlotte compliments her father for acting like a champion his whole life and now is her chance to do the same.

It’s Divas Title match time! We get both Divas getting entrances and Eden giving us the main event level introductions. The bell rings and here we go!

The Divas lock up and Charlotte powers Becky over to the corner and then the two go back and forth pushing each other. Charlotte then takes down Becky. Charlotte would go for an armdrag and Becky counters with three of her own and adds the pressure with an armbar. Charlotte rolls up Becky, but only gets one. Becky applies a waist lock to Charlotte and then rolls her up again for a two count. Charlotte grabs the knee and applies a hold. Charlotte and Becky both go for roll ups but each Diva gets a one count.

Becky applies a wrist lock, followed up by a dropkick and an armdrag. Becky adds the momentum with an armbar. Becky then sends Charlotte to the ring apron and then hits her patented springboard dropkick to the outside.  As she makes her way to Charlotte, Becky tells Ric off. She then sends Charlotte back into the ring, but the champion rolls out the way. When Becky goes to Charlotte, Ric cuts her off, allowing Charlotte to give Becky a big boot. She sends Becky back to the ring, going for a ground and pound attack. The Divas Champion hits an exploder suplex followed by forearms and then goes for another suplex. She gains a nearfall.

Charlotte lays some more hits to the fallen Lynch and then hits a knee to her midsection. Charlotte lays in with a head scissors, but Lynch powers up and drops Charlotte into the turnbuckle. Becky gets fired up with a pair of clotheslines, dropkicks, and an exploder suplex to only gain a nearfall. Becky tries sending Cahrlotte into the corner but gets countered with a neck breaker. Both Divas get up as Charlotte chops Becky. Becky counters a chop and attempts a backslide but Charlotte escaped. Becky ducks a big boot and hits the pumphandle suplex and gains a nearfall. Becky goes for the DisArmHer, but Ric places Charlotte’s foot on the bottom rope as Charlotte taps. Becky relents, thinking she’s won the title. The referee tells her the match is not over and they argue as Charlotte rolls up Becky and gets the victory. Charlotte is still the Divas Champion.

Thoughts: I really loved this match! I thought the counters were inventive, and the finish involving Ric was the best way to go 100 percent. I love how the crowd really was with the match and in the corner of Becky. Speaking of Becky, this is possibly the best I’ve seen her in a long time since her call-up to the main roster. That is not a knock against her but rather a compliment, because this match really showcased her skills. I loved Becky’s counter where she had Charlotte in the electric chair position to hit the snake eyes. Becky was just on fire with her strikes and reversals.

Charlotte and Ric work in a way I can’t explain. It works that Charlotte is not a blatant rip off of her dad but the few moments she goes to the Flair playbook work well, and her heel turn is coming along well. I guess with this match we have our answer to what is gonna go down at the Rumble. The match ending in shenanigans will give Becky enough proof for her to get a rematch. I am ready for Becky/Charlotte II.

With SmackDown being on USA Network, I was hoping that it would somehow allow SmackDown some footing and would help the show be credible, instead of what most people think of it as just an extra show. This Divas Title match is proof of that point coming true. The Divas Title match here was an excellent showcase. My wish for 2016 is coming along well as the story being told here is simple and now we are getting that.

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