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SmackDown Redux – July 04, 2008

This week on SmackDown: The Divas once again battled it out in a “Golden Dreams Match” to determine Natalya‘s opponent for the Divas Championship, which was ultimately won by Michelle McCool. Meanwhile, Vickie Guerrero gave an showstopping performance with Edge.

Thoughts & Reactions
In a July the Fourth episode of SmackDown, the metaphorical fireworks were let off! Finally we got some development in the Divas Championship saga after the title was jilted from the Night of Champions card, Michelle McCool won a second “Golden Dreams Match” to face Natalya for the title in future. And in all honesty, were you actually expecting anyone other than Michelle to win this one? So now what we have all assumed over the past few weeks will become a reality – Michelle vs Natalya for the gold, I can’t wait! But as for last night’s deciding match, I felt this was very well put together and much better than the first “Golden Dreams” which was won by Natalya last month. This match seemed to be more choreographed with all the individuals involved given some time to shine, I guess the fact there were fewer Divas in this match helped. The match was far more memorable and worked really well on the whole.

It’s interesting to note that Michelle, while she won the match, was more or less being thrown out of the ring for the majority of the match. The real in-ring work was done by the likes of Maryse and Kelly Kelly, Michelle seemed to take more of a backseat – which was kinda cool. I guess because we all pretty much knew Michelle would win, they created a twist by having her not as dominant and letting the other Divas do the spots where they climb the pole and stuff. More interesting was all the face-on-face action, I believe Michelle knocked her best friend, Cherry off the ring apron and later was seen with Kelly on the outside. Again, this creates a cool feeling and shows how much these Divas want that title!

My favourite spot of the match, somewhat harkens back to Kelly Kelly’s insane bump a few weeks back – when Victoria hit the ring apron mouth first. It looked pretty real and was an “ouch moment” in itself. I couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction afterwards with the “Oh my God.” Victoria’s BFF, Natalya was on commentary for this bout sporting her hot new auburn hair colour. Natalya seemed a little on edge however, a little nervous but seemed to carry herself sufficiently enough. I think there is a danger of Natalya sounding too personable on commentary and also in her blogs at WWE Fan Nation, as she is meant to be a heel. I personally don’t mind it, I think she comes across a genuinely nice person through her blogs but there is a character to uphold.

We don’t usually cover Vickie in the Redux, but this week I felt as though Vickie gave a pretty powerful performance on SmackDown. Not that i’m calling for her to win an Oscar or anything, but her backstage segments with Edge she really came across believable and there was an intensity in her acting. However the final scene with her screaming the building down? Not so much.

PS, Maria will be coming soon to SmackDown. I think I said everything there is to say in an earlier post, but anyway I think they should run these commercials for a week or so longer and then have her debut.

Individual Assessments
In this portion we will look at each of the Divas individually and the role they played, adding more thoughts yadda yadda:

Cherry (Cherry): Cherry is pretty much the outsider in the SmackDown division, I think she’ll only get pushed further back with the arrival of Maria.

Kelly Kelly: Kelly, despite looking like Robocop, was again on fine form. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as highlighted as previous matches but that’s fine.

Maryse: Maryse seemed to play more of a role in this match than Victoria.

Michelle McCool: Shock horror Michelle won, who’d have thunk it?! Anyway, now the real work begins. I can’t wait!

Natalya: Natalya was a little nervous on commentary, but all is forgiven.

Victoria: I’d have loved to see more of Victoria, I think this is the type of match she could really be dominant in but it seemed Maryse was the big bad heel in this one.

Fashion Focus
The Good: I thought Victoria looked pretty good this week.

The Bad: Kelly, Maryse.

The In-Between: Michelle and Natalya.

Below, are digitals of the Divas match from SmackDown Copyright to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Watch the match below:

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