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SmackDown Redux (June 3rd, 2011): Tamina Win Match For Heels

This week’s episode of SmackDown brought us a rematch of sorts from last week. The ChickBusters (Kaitlyn and AJ), with Natalya at their side, took on Team Heel featuring Alicia Fox and Tamina. The most notable difference this week is that the heels countered Natalya’s presence by adding the rarely seen Rosa Mendes to ringside (I guess she is heel again). Will Rosa’s presence bring anything to the match? Will AJ and Kaitlyn pull out the victory this week? Will Alicia continue to just be the fiercest Diva ever? Lets stop wasting time and find out.

When SmackDown returns from what I can only assume has been a commercial break, A-Fox’s music is playing in the background and the so-called bad girls of SmackDown are posing in the ring. It’s only a few seconds later that Alicia’s theme fades and Natalya’s begins to blare across the PA system. Dressed in the most gorgeous sequined mini I’ve ever seen on SmackDown, Nattie leads her rookies out onto the stage. Kaitlyn and AJ look ready for battle and they all head to the ring. Much like last week, a backstage video begins playing while this is going on.

Natalya, Kaitlyn, and AJ are in their lockerroom and Kaitlyn says that last week herself and AJ were just warming up. AJ whole-heartidly agrees with this and says that tonight they were going to make Natalya incredibly proud. Nattie appreciates their attitude and says that the two girls have her support. Kaitlyn asks her if she has any last words of Diva wisdom, and she smiles and tells them both not to lose.

Good talk!

Once the bell rings, Kaitlyn and Tamina get set to kick things off. Tamina shoves the NXT winner a couple of times before Kaitlyn finally womans up and shoves her back. Tamina gets a bit miffed at Kaitlyn’s gall and she kicks her in the gut before jerking her down by the hair. Kaitlyn rolls around in pain and Tamina seizes the chance to pick her opponent up and throw her into the corner, and tries to follow it up with a huge splash. Kaitlyn is able to move out of the way and Tamina smashes into the turnbuckle much to the shock of the crowd. When Tamina staggers back, a crouching Kaitlyn headbutts her in the abdomen and rolls her up for a quick pin.

Tamina powers out.

Both girls get to their feet and Tamina lumbers over to her corner and makes the tag to Alicia. Foxy lunges for Kaitlyn, but the blond ducks and Alicia goes down. Kaitlyn gets the tag to AJ and feisty little rookie comes in, ready to go on offense. She nails Alicia pretty convincingly and takes her down with a nice little headscissors. She goes for Alicia again, but the former champ manages to get her knee into AJ’s stomach. That shifts the momentum and Alicia nails the smaller girl with a convincing right hand. She picks her up by the hair, drags her to the corner, and tags Tamina back in.

She comes in and kicks AJ, then picks her up and throws her to the middle of the ring. She jerks the new Diva up and holds her while AJ tries to throw punches to fight off Tamina. This amuses the daughter of Jimmy Super Fly Snuka and she lifts AJ high in the air. AJ is nearly broken in half as Tamina plants her into the mat and just to add insult to injury, Tamina runs and knocks Kaitlyn from the apron. The distraction allows AJ to get to her feet and she manages to duck a wild swing from Tamina. She takes her momentum to the ropes, bounces off of them, and leaps at Tamina. The stronger Diva catches AJ, throws her on her back, and falls back. AJ is crushed from the high impact move and Tamina picks up a very convincing one… two… three!

For the second week in a row, the heel Divas win.

MUCH better match than last week. Tamina looked so, so solid. You know, I have no idea where they are going with this whole coaching thing, but wouldn’t it be fun if it lead to Natalya getting pissed off that AJ and Kaitlyn just can’t win, and she wound up in a feud with them? The idea of Natalya versus AJ makes me positively salivate. What beautiful matches they could have. I wouldn’t even mind seeinf Natalya versus Kaitlyn, to be honest. The best way for Kaitlyn to continue to improve in the ring is to work with girls who know what they’re doing. Natalya is one of the very best in the WWE, male or female, and I actually credit her for helping Layla become the Diva she is right now (get well soon, girl). If I got to decide what happens next, I would have a six-Diva tag match next week with the faces losing again. That would lead to Natalya kind of scolding AJ and Kaitlyn at the end, and set Nattie up for a singles match the following week against Alicia. Natalya could pick up the win over Alicia and show the girls how winning is done and next week both Kaitlyn and AJ could have singles matches against Tamina and Rosa. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what will happen, and I don’t want to get to far into this. The use of all SmackDown Divas gets a big thumbs up this week.

And Tamina’s performance definitely gets two thumbs!

Well done to the ladies of SmackDown. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

PS… how hot is Christian as a heel? Like always, until next week… Cryssi out!

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