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SmackDown Redux (June 6th, 2014): The Fox Flips… Again

Hello guys, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week, the highly unstable Alicia Fox takes on the First Lady of the Hart Dynasty in Natalya. What will happen when these two Divas clash yet again? Check out the match below:

After a recap of her NXT Takeover match against Charlotte, we see Natalya already in the ring. Alicia is out next and our match is underway.

The Divas lock up and Nattie gets the upper hand with a headlock takeover,  which Alicia counters with a headscissors. Natalya kicks out and their stare each other down in a stalemate. They lock up once again and Nattie takes down with a flurry of offense, causing Alicia to roll to the outside for a time out/temper tantrum.

Alicia goes to get back in the ring, but when Natalya approaches her she starts hissing like a rabid cat, much to my delight. Unfortunately for Alicia’s hissing gets her two slaps to the face and Nattie rolls her up for a nearfall. Now with the advantage, Nattie gets a bit flashy with a neckspring, but Alicia has her scouted and chokes her out over the bottom rope, prompting the official to intervene.

Alicia hits a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall, but crashes and burn on a somersault leg drop, when Natalya rolls out of the way. Nattie tries to take advantage of the situation, going for the Sharpshooter, but Alicia kicks her right in the face. Alicia goes to finish off her opponent with her signature tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Natalya counters and picks up the win.

Post-match, Alicia flips out once again, and even threatened poor Lillian Garcia, before retreating backstage.

Thoughts: Another great match between Alicia and Natalya, even though it was a bit on the short side. It’s great to see WWE sticking with the ‘Crazy as a Fox’ angle with Alicia. She’s spent so many years just being a secondary competitor in the division, but she’s more than prove her worth in the ring, so it’s great to see WWE actually put some effort into her character. I’d love to see her continue to feud with Paige, but I don’t see that happening, to be honest. In any case, I can see Alicia being a much more prominent figure in the Divas Division, if WWE uses her well.

Well, that’s all for this week guys! Until next time… “DID YOU RING THE BELL?!?!?!?!”

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