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SmackDown Redux (November 26th, 2015): Becky Almost Takes Down Paige’s House

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving for those who celebrate! Plenty to be thankful with this episode of SmackDown with Becky Lynch in a match against Paige! There were more Diva sightings but let’s get to the feast….I mean the action:

Paige makes her way to the ring as we get the announcers talking about the matches Paige had with the Divas Champion Charlotte at Survivor Series and RAW. Becky Lynch is out next and her entrance features the classic steam she used at NXT. Both Divas exchange serious glares and the match is underway!

Both Divas lock up, but Becky hits a roll-up for a one-count. She follows up with a pair of armdrags and sends the Anti-Diva to the mat with a dropkick. Paige cowers to the apron and commands Becky to go back. Paige takes her time to get in the ring and yells “THIS IS MY HOUSE”. Becky is over the mind games.

Paige tries to sucker punch Becky but gets countered. The Lass-Kicker hits a pair of leg drops and only gets a two-count. Paige goes to the ropes and kicks Becky. Paige throws Becky into the corner and hits a high knee to the chin. She adds a fallaway slam and taunts as we head to commercial.

After the break, Paige knees Becky dangling on the second rope and then drags her to the center of the ring for a bow and arrow submission. Becky powers out and takes things to the corner as we get a shot of Charlotte watching the match backstage.

Paige clobbers Becky with some forearm shots and then chokes her on the ropes, almost getting a DQ. Becky finds refuge in a corner but Paige continues the assault with stomps the chest. She slings Becky out with a Alley-Oop slam and only gets a two-count. Paige locks in a very unique looking submission. She whips Becky into the ropes and answers with a high knee and she goes for a second one but Becky rolls her up. Becky only gets two. Becky goes for a series of clotheslines and hits a dropkick.

Paige gets to a corner and Becky gives her a forearm for her trouble. Becky nails the Exploder suplex and gets a near-fall. Paige takes down Becky but gets countered with a roll up. Becky goes for the DisArmHer, and Paige gets to ropes rolling her up and using the ropes for leverage to get the win.

In other Diva appearances, Team B.A.D. was in a hilarious backstage segment with The New Day….and The Gobbledygooker:

Thoughts: This match was pretty fun to watch but my only complaint was that the story did not move forward. It’s very confusing how Charlotte goes ballistic on RAW, and then she is so calm on SmackDown. To me, this should be that difficult to book. Charlotte should be an emotional wreck, going off at the sight of Paige and any moment. Paige winning via heel tactics was a plus, but Paige really needs to be in the driver seat and besides the physical damage being done, emotional damage needs to be done.

I guess the whole Reid angle was nixed so there seems to be no clear direction. The one thing I really liked was the fact that Becky’s steam was incorporated. It may not have been the first time but it was for me. It was also awesome to see Team B.A.D. involved in a skit with the biggest act going in the WWE, not to mention it was hilarious to see the Gobbledygooker. The road to TLC seems to have Paige in the driver seat. How did you feel about SmackDown? Thanks for reading!

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