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SmackDown Redux (October 31st, 2014): The Black Cat Gets Lucky

Salutations, Diva fans and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! In a very special Halloween episode of SmackDown, we are treated to a Divas Halloween Battle Royal to determine a new #1 contender for the Divas Championship. Will we end up getting Paige vs. AJ Part 18 at the next PPV or will another Diva rise to the occasion? Check out the match below:

First things first, all the Divas make their grand entrances in their costumes, while current champion AJ Lee is on commentary, dressed as a ghost. Paige is out first dressed as fellow Diva, Summer Rae. Natalya is the Queen of Hearts (Hasn’t she done that before?), while Naomi is a paratrooper. Summer Rae is next as a sexy nerd, and her tag partner Layla is a clown/mime. Emma enters next as Tarzan, tailed by zombie nurse Rosa Mendes, sexy cop Cameron and sexy firefighter Alicia Fox. Last, but not least, Nikki Bella comes out as a black cat, and as she makes her way to the ring, we are treated to a backstage segment explaining Brie Bella‘s absence in the this match. With all the Divas in the ring, the official signals for the bell and our match is underway!

Brace yourself guys. These eliminations are fast and furious…

Almost as soon as the match begins, Rosa Mendes is eliminated by Naomi, followed by the elimination of Summer by her arch-nemesis, Natalya. Emma is taken out by Alicia Fox, while Paige gets rid of Layla, following a brief comedy spot involving a stuffed bra. Cameron and Naomi are eliminated one after another by Natalya, who is subsequently eliminated by Alicia Fox. With only three Divas left, Alicia charges after Paige, sending both of them flying out of the ring, making Nikki Bella the new #1 contender.

Post-match, AJ and Nikki have the obligatory Champion/Challenger stare-off, outside the ring, while the commentators hype their impending title match.

Nikki also commented on her win on SmackDown Fallout:

Thoughts: Well, it looks like the Paige vs AJ era is over for the time being, as Nikki is the #1 contender for the championship. I’m hoping that this lead to a feud between Alicia and Paige, because they put on some great matches. On the other hand, the prospect of AJ vs Nikki is pretty intriguing. I think they probably put on a great title match, given the time that PPVs afford.

I’m going to put this out there now, though… I don’t see Nikki winning the belt. I’m predicting that Brie will somehow cost her sister the belt as revenge for her actions, leading to yet another Bella vs Bella match. Mark my words.

Well, that’s all for this week, guys. Until next time… “She’s a sexy used Band-Aid…”

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