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SmackDown Redux (September 5th, 2014): Enough Hate to Go Around

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week on the blue brand, Brie Bella takes on the Divas Champion, Paige in non-title action. For an added twist, the #1 contenders, AJ Lee and Brie’s estranged sister, Nikki Bella are at ringside. Can Brie look past her family drama, and get herself into the title picture or will she fall victim to the Anti-Diva?

But, before we can get to that, we meet up with Byron Saxton, who’s talking to Nikki backstage:

Nikki thanks Stephanie McMahon for booking her in the Triple Threat Divas Title match at Night of Champions. She says she feels like the turmoil in her life is finally over, and she’s out from under Brie’s shadow.

She accepts Brie’s apology for attacking her on Raw, but says she’s not apologizing for anything she’s done.

Now, time for the match:

We kick off the segment with AJ on commentary, and Nikki sitting near the announce table. Brie is out first to brand new entrance music (Why do all these new themes sound like rejected Cascada songs…?), and we are treating a lengthy package chronicling the issues between The Bella Twins, including the epic beatdown on Raw.

Paige is out next, and she takes a minute to say hello to the Best Frenemy Forever, before climbing into the ring. The official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Paige starts taunting Brie as soon as the bell sounds, and eats a few elbows for her trouble. Paige retreats to the ropes, forcing the break. Paige tries to get back on track with a kick to the gut, but Brie slaps on a waistlock, and takes her down to the canvas. The Divas tussle for a bit, before coming to a stalemate. They lock up a few more time, with Brie getting upperhand, until Paige outsmarts her and tosses her out to the floor.

Brie climbs back into the ring to avoid a countout, and jumps on her immediately with a flurry of offense, including her signature kneestrikes and headbutts. Paige whips Brie across the ring, and avoid a clothesline and lays some offense of her own, culminating with a huge missile dropkick.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, AJ and Nikki get into an argument, which leads to AJ attacking the Bad Bella. Despite their recent issues, Brie rushed to her twin’s rescue, obviously torn between her recent feelings for her sister and their built in Twin Magic. Crisis averted, Brie gets back in the ring and runs right into a RamPaige DDT, picking up a loss.

Thoughts: Wait… So picking up two wins over the champion doesn’t get you a title shot anymore? Sorry, Natalya. You too, Eva Marie. Better luck next time?

In any case, very good match from these two. Brie has come so far in her WWE career, in terms of her rings skill and it’s showing more and more, especially with her working as a singles competitor. Her and Paige have similar movesets, both utilizing lots of strikes, making for pretty fun matches. I love to get to see them work more together in the future.

Speaking of the future, I’m a bit puzzled when it comes to The Bella feud. Just last week, Nikki HATED Brie and now she’s at ringside, showing concern for her sister. The only outcome I can predict is that Brie will be inserted into the title match (perhaps at Nikki’s request), and Nikki will use Brie’s trusting nature and naiveté help her win the title. Either way, I’m sure all will become more clear in the weeks leading to Night of Champions.

Well, that’s all for this week, guys. Until next time… “…Why is she even here?!”

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