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Smackdown Spoilers: January 1st, 2010

Spoilers for this week’s Smackdown are up–click below to read them. The show airs Friday, January 1st, 2010.

Smackdown - January 1st, 2010
Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James with Michelle McCool and Layla on commentary: Mickie scores the pin fall after a quick roll-up. Following the match, McCool and Layla hit the ring and attack Mickie James. Beth Phoenix then attacks McCool and ends up hitting her finisher on Mickie James before leaving the ring.

-The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J and Maria: The Hart Dynasty wins, and after the match Maria and Natalya continue to fight. Natalya locks on the sharpshooter for a bit before leaving the ring.

Thoughts under the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts:
Nevermind on the face turn, I guess? Oh well. U guess we’re looking at a 3-wY feud instead. It’s still interesting, but it would have been cool to see more of a change in pace.

I’m glad to see Natalya get more action, even if it is still in her usual manner (Hart tag matches).

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