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SmackDown Spoilers: May 29, 2009

This Friday’s SmackDown spoilers are in. Highlight below to read:

EDIT: More detailed spoilers added thanks to Diva Dirt reader, spiffy.

– WWE Women’s champ Melina pinned Alicia Fox.

– Eve defeated Layla.

Michelle accompanied Alicia to the ring. After Melina pinned Alicia, Michelle shoved the belt to Melina and stepped out of the ring. The two stared each other down as Michelle walked back up the ramp. All this without Alicia, who was barely rolling herself out the ring on the far end. So yah, once the match ended, Michelle pretty much ditched her. Melina got a huge pop being from Los Angeles, and you could tell she felt the love. Great match.

Eve vs Layla was pretty cool. They gave them a good amount of ring time. Nothing like the 2 minute blip the Raw girls got. Eve didn’t win using a finisher, which might be the only small gripe (until I see it on air). Everyone will enjoy it.

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