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SmackDown!’s Divas Championship: Total Analysis

Well dudes, I guess we’ve had the day to let the news sink in… SmackDown! is getting it’s own women’s championship, tentatively titled the “Divas Championship.” It’s time for Melanie’s full on analysis of the this news story and let’s not forget the chance to do a little gloating!

Be warned: This post is totally spoilerific, so if you want to wait till Friday to watch the show, don’t read any further!

For years and years, people have been saying SmackDown! should have their own women’s title etc. But I think everything came along at the right time; right now, SmackDown! has a renewed focus on women’s wrestling, has a bunch of Divas that are good to go in the ring and there is a gap on SmackDown! for another title since the Cruiserweight Championship was retired. The perfect combination of events, I say, led to this decision.

I think SmackDown!’s women’s division is the strongest it has ever been and I think the credit goes to the WWE Draft 2007, when the show acquired Torrie Wilson and Victoria. In fact, it was one of my first blogs here at Diva Dirt that I talked about how far SmackDown! has come and that they now need to push further boundaries (click here to read), in that blog I stated that I felt the next step was to establish the SmackDown! Divas on pay per view, a notion that’s been adopted by many Diva fans on the Internet since but (not to brag) was first read here at Diva Dirt. Well WWE has finally seen the light and at Night of Champions, for the first time since 2006, we will see a SmackDown! Divas match on pay per view. Doesn’t that just make you tingle a little bit? No? Just me? Okay.

We know that Natalya will be one of the particpants in that Divas Championship match, but who will be the other? My money’s on Michelle McCool, to the surprise of no one. You do not push this girl as the top Diva on SmackDown! only to not have her involved in this historic match-up. Natalya vs Michelle could have been a feud for the ages, in fact, they could have introduced the Divas Championship because of this feud. Instead, WWE didn’t follow through and we haven’t seen this feud culminate. Hopefully, they make it up to us at Night of Champions and beyond. I would have either Natalya go after the Champ, Michelle after Night of Champions and vice versa should Natalya win.

What does this mean for the Draft? I have to admit, the timing to introduce a new title is rather dodgy. Many (including myself) fully expected Michelle to move to RAW, but since SmackDown! is getting it’s own belt, it would be a travesty to move Michelle. This title should be built around the foundations of Natalya and Michelle. Hopefully, SmackDown! doesn’t lose any Divas – rather gaining one, I think Maria would be a perfect fit for SmackDown! as covered in “Diva Draft.”

Now, we want to know what you think. Are you for or against the Divas Championship? Vote below!


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