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Small Screen Sirens: Serena & Blair in “Gossip Girl”

Like “Terminator” to “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, Screen Sirens is transitioning from the big screen to the small screen! With the summer now over, we have no more female protagonists to analyse so we’ve decided to honour the launch of the 2008-2009 television season! Every September marks the launch of a new season in TV, with all our favourite shows coming back for new seasons and new shows starting too! In Small Screen Sirens, we will be finding out which female characters from our favourite shows would be a good fit for the Divas and Knockouts you see covered here at Diva Dirt.

Last week, “Gossip Girl” returned to our screens for it’s sophomore season. This is the show that has had teens and fans online hooked with it’s use of old school teen drama (such as those depicted in Beverly Hills, 90210, The O.C. so forth) but bringing it into the new age with use of technology such as blogging! The whole world fell in love with our Upper East Siders including vixens Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf!

Serena is the lesser talked about “bad girl gone good”, after returning to New York from a year at boarding school, Serena tries to fit in with her old friends and had some dark secrets that were revealed at the end of the first season. No longer the partying, drinking “it girl”, the new Serena takes the quiet life – upsetting her mother by dating the less noble Dan Humphrey, a regular kid without the prosperity of Serena and her fellow Upper East Siders.

Meanwhile Blair Waldorf is Gossip Girl’s token bitch we love! As bitchy and spoiled as she may be, Blair delivers some of the show’s funniest lines and scenarios. Despite being BFFs, Blair has a hostile reaction when Serena first comes back as she is the new queen bee at their school. Blair Waldorf stops at nothing to get what she wants!

So which Diva or Knockout do you think is best suited to the role of Serena? And which Diva or Knockout could play Blair? Serena is almost like that girl next door – but beware she has a tortured past. Meanwhile, Blair doesn’t care if she’s a bitch – but she does manage to come across as endearing… at times. Which Divas could show those emotions to the world?

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