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Sol Ruca Comments On The Response She Has Received From Her Finisher

Sol Ruca is very new to the game but as of the Dec. 9 episode of NXT Level Up, she is getting a lot of attention already. Ruca comes from a gymnast background.

She took on Valentina Feroz and came out with a second singles victory since entering a WWE ring. What caught the attention of fans on social media was her finisher which she has called the Sol Snatcher.

Speaking with Fox News, Ruca responded to the attention that her finisher has received so far which even caught the interest of WWE’s CCO Triple H. You can see his caption and Ruca’s finisher in the Tweet below.

“When I saw that I literally didn’t even know what to do,” Ruca said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, do I reply to him? Do I quote tweet?’ Like, I was freaking out. It’s like insane. Especially it being on Level Up, which is like the development of NXT. It was crazy. I did not expect it to go viral. I was shocked.”

She continues, “I really want to kind of set a bar for the women’s division,” Ruca said. “I kind of want to bring a different style and different level of competitiveness. Same with like Katana Chance. She is so different from everyone else, like her moves is so different. And I think that there needs to be more women out there in the women’s division that can do those sort of moves and stuff like that. And I want to be a part of that.”

Ruca hasn’t even been on the roster for a full year as her tryout was in March. She speaks further about that process and what led her to go to the tryout. She also states she wasn’t the biggest fan of wrestling but did know the bigger stars.

“I babysat these kids who were like huge fans. They would try and bodyslam each other all the time and they had all the rings, all the action figures. I obviously knew who all the biggest stars were but that was kind of the extent of what I knew. As soon as I got the tryout, I liked Google searched a bunch of stuff and I watched some of like the highlight reels from previous tryouts just to know what I was getting myself into.

“And, I actually have a video that my boyfriend has of me where I’m in the kitchen and I learned how to get up like the wrestling way and I like showed him because that’s one of the things you do on the first day is learn how to get up. And I knew how to do the rolls with my gymnastics background. I didn’t have to worry about the rolls so much but those little things that are so big in wrestling, I kind of wanted to at least know what I was getting myself into before showing up.”

She continues later in the interview, “But now that I’m here, I’m slowly but surely finding that love for it. I just think that everything that I’ve been through and all the sports that I’ve done, and even social media entertainment aspects, has led me to this. I wish I would’ve been involved in WWE before, at least been a bigger fan. But now that I’m here, I’m like, this is exactly what I should be doing.”

Ruca holds singles victories now over Feroz and Amari Miller. She faced the newest recruit Dani Palmer on a taped episode that has yet to air. Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results on the women of NXT.

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