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Sol Ruca Scores Upset On NXT; NXT Women’s Tag Title Match Set For Jan. 24


If you missed the Jan. 17 episode of NXT, you missed a lot for the women’s division. As usual, NXT showcases its women’s division throughout the show with three matches and various segments throughout.

The first women of the night was a run-in between Tiffany Stratton and Indi Hartwell. Stratton was attempting to get into her locker room but it was locked. She was banging on the door to be let in which prompted Hartwell to open it. The two exchanged words with Hartwell telling Stratton she doesn’t deserve a locker room to herself as she changed the name on the door from Tiffany Stratton to NXT Women’s Locker Room. Hartwell told Stratton to change somewhere else.

As a result of this confrontation, Hartwell will take on Stratton next week.

Next up we have Toxic Attraction making their way to the ring to cut a promo about their number one contender win. They said they were right that they both would be declared the winners from last week’s Battle Royal and as a result will face Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship at Vengeance Day. They added they will make Perez regret winning the title.

Lyra Valkyria interrupted the duo and from what she sees, she doesn’t see a champion between the two all she sees is two women who know they can’t beat the champion unless they are doing it together. Perez comes down to save Valkyria and this makes a tag team match between the four women for the main event later in the night.

Another vignette aired for Stevie Turner. She reacted to the 20-woman battle royal match from New Year’s Evil. She commented on moments of the match including the double win by Toxic Attraction. Turner says her debut will be coming soon.

The first women’s match of the night had Sol Ruca taking on Alba Fyre. The two women had a pretty even match with the rising talent of Ruca showing off why she has recently had a lot of eyes on her. The match would result in Ruca getting a shocking upset after Isla Dawn made her way out to the ringside stage. Ruca took advantage of the distraction and hit Sol Snatcher on Fyre to get the pin.

Later in the night, Fyre attacks a referee backstage before the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance pull her back. They tell her to calm down and focus but Fyre was too emotional over her recent loss. The champs say it took them some time to become tag team champs but look at them now as they are the longest-reigning champs. Fyre then suggests she faces them for the titles. Carter and Chance point out that Fyre doesn’t even have a partner. Fyre seems to think she doesn’t need to have a partner and she can win the tag gold on her own.

This has booked a tag team title bout for next week.

A match was taking place between Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs. Gallus with Fallon Henley ringside. Kiana James came out to motivate Jensen who she has formed a relationship with over the past number of weeks. What was supposed to be a good gesture became distracting and cost Briggs & Jensen the match. Henley was upset later in the night about James’ appearance but Jensen convinced her that they like each other and Henley has to just deal with it. Late into the episode, Henley confirmed with Jensen that she will give James a shot and has had them booked in a tag team match as partners.

The next women’s match was Valentina Feroz taking on Thea Hail. Elektra Lopez came out midmatch to take a look at Feroz. The final moments of the match had Lopez giving Feroz the brass knuckles but instead of using them she gave them to the referee. Hail was able to take advantage of the distraction and hit a snapmare DDT on Feroz to get the pinfall and victory.

Shortly later backstage, Feroz was confronted by Lopez. Lopez told her that she needs to start standing on her own and suggests that she watches her match next week against Wendy Choo.

The last women’s match of the night was the tag team match booked from earlier in the night. Lyra Valkyria & Roxanne Perez took on Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne. The final moments of the match had Valkyria tagging in Perez who hit a Thesz Press on Jayne. Valkyria executed a crossbody on Cora Jade who came to ringside to cost the match for Valkyria & Perez. Toxic Attraction went for the Hi-Low but Jayne accidentally caught Dolin with a roundhouse kick. Perez with a Russian Leg Sweep before hitting Pop Rox was what she needed to get the pinfall on Dolin. Perez would stand tall to end the show on the ramp raising the title while Toxic Attraction argued in the ring.

Before the broadcast ended, commentary stated there will be a face-to-face-to-face Championship Summit next week between Perez, Dolin, and Jayne.

Jan. 24 NXT line-up

  • Indi Hartwell vs. Tiffany Stratton
  • Wendy Choo vs. Elektra Lopez
  • Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs. Alba Fyre & TBD – NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles
  • Thea Hail Celebration
  • Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne – Championship Summit

Fallon Henley & Kiana James vs. TBD was not officially confirmed for next week.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT.