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Stacy Keibler-Hornswoggle Rumor Returns


Talk about beating a dead horse! That horrible rumor WWE started itself about former Diva Stacy Keibler is being initiated again by WWE insiders. Now at Diva Dirt we pride ourselves on not being an online tabloid agency, gossiping about the whereabouts of Divas and who is dating who, but this is just despicable.

If you didn’t know, officials within the WWE intentionally planted a rumor to UK-based media agencies around the time of WrestleMania 25 that Stacy Keibler and Hornswoggle were actually dating in real life, and that Hornswoggle convinced Stacy to make her grand return debut to the WWE at the Miss WrestleMania 25 Diva Battle Royal. This was all done in hopes that this “gossip” would spark interest and hype up the big event, resulting in more media coverage and more buyrates for the event. In addition, it was speculated that WWE did this to Stacy because she turned down their offer to appear at the event. I’m more inclined to believe that WWE just wanted free publicity over a bashing of Stacy, but… you never know.

Well, that rumor has had fuel added to its fire. The same agency that covered the story in the first place, The Daily Star, has released another insider report from WWE officials on April 20th that Stacy Keibler was actually in Houston for WrestleMania, and she even stayed in the same hotel room as Hornswoggle. The paper stated their surprise to this news by saying, “We’re assured it is not a joke, but to say it surprised everyone here would be an understatement.”

Thankfully, the rumor is being met with a lot of resistance. It is very clear that Stacy Keibler was not even in Houston for the entire week of WrestleMania, much less the same hotel as other WWE Superstars. Several other UK agencies decided to actually investigate the story before going with it and discovered it had no validity (or they just didn’t care). Aside from this, Hornswoggle himself is fighting back. Upon learning of this report, Hornswoggle said that this report is completely false, and that if it was true he would have issued a press release of his own.

This whole situation really bothers me, and that’s why I decided to follow up on the story. I really can’t wrap my mind around why the WWE would be so terrible to Stacy. Garnering free publicity at the expense of Stacy’s personal life or even worse, acting immature and “getting back at her” for turning down the offer to appear at WrestleMania is just downright low and degrading. I am glad Stacy has kept silent about the situation because if she commented on it at all, it would give media agencies something to talk about and think that the story held any truth to it. If the WWE was looking to hype up the event, why not do it the old fashioned way and hype up a big match that you’ve put a lot of thought and time into and not just throw 25 Divas in a ring for a few minutes of chaos? I’m really irritated that a Diva like Stacy Keibler who did no wrong to the WWE is suffering for it. We all know WWE would never start up such a rumor for Trish or Torrie, why Stacy?

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