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Joshi Puroresu to be showcased during WrestleMania weekend

World Wonder Ring Stardom have announced the full card for their American Dream in the Big Apple event, taking place in New York City this Friday. It is the promotion’s first-ever event as part of WrestleMania weekend. The matches were tweeted out today by the promotion’s official English-language account.

The opening bout will see Stardom’s JAN (Jungle Kyona and Natsuko Tora) take on Sonya Strong and Violette of House of Glory (HOG). JAN previously held the duo tag titles, the Goddesses of Stardom Championships, and twice held the trio tag titles, the Artist of Stardom Championships.

The event will also see a three-way tag match between the team of Brittany Blake and Britt Baker, Queen’s Quest’s Bea Priestley and Konami and occasional tag team partners Bobbi Tyler and Oedo Tai’s Hana Kimura.

The first of two title defenses taking place at American Dream in the Big Apple will see High Speed Champion Hazuki face off against Dust, also known as Zoe Skye. Hazuki is a four-time tag champion in Stardom and has held the High Speed belt for 100 days at time of writing. Dust is the reigning Heart of SHIMMER Champion, approaching a year with the title.

The second title defense will feature the defending Wonder of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe face off against her tag partners, the upstart Utami Hayashishita. Hayashishita currently holds three of Stardom’s titles, the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship, the Future of Stardom Championship and the Goddesses of Stardom Championship with Watanabe. Utami is also the EVE International Champion, having won both that title and the SWA belt from the previous champ, Viper aka Piper Niven. She will surely seek to add Watanabe’s title to her collection as she continues her quest to become Stardom’s most dominant champion.

The final announced match will see Oedo Tai, represented by World of Stardom Champion Kagetsu, Andras Miyagi, Jamie Hayter and Session Moth Martina battle for tag team supremacy in an elimination match. Their opponents will be STARS, consisting of Women of Honor World Champion Mayu Iwatani, her trios partners Yam Nakano and Sami Kashima (with whom she holds the Artist of Stardom Championships), and Arisa Hoshiki.

Stardom performers will also appear at G1 Supercard, where Iwatani will defend her title against Kelly Klein, and Kagetsu, Hazuki and Hana Kimura will compete in a six-woman tag match.

What do you think of the card for Stardom’s NYC event? Will you be tuning in to watch? Let us know in the comments.

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