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“Superstar” is to “Entertainer” as “Diva” is to…

The WWE recently made a move to change their “Superstars” moniker to “Entertainers”, reportedly in an effort to move away from the image of an organized sport and towards a “traveling entertainment” image. While it’s doubtful that the WWE will match up to a traveling theater troupe (maybe a traveling circus is more comparable), it makes for an interesting change. The WWE’s wrestlers have been dubbed Superstars for a long time now, so it will be a bit of an adjustment to refer to them differently.

A question sprung to my mind while reading the news, however: What if the Divas were forced to change their moniker? That’s not happening, clearly, but what if it did? What would you want to be their new name? Here’s a few options I thought of on the fly:

• Ladies (very old school, but I kind of like that)
• Bombshells (kind of cliche)
• Sirens (cliche, again.. and sounds sort of seedy now that I think about it)

What about you guys – what do you think would be a fitting moniker for the ladies of the WWE? Would it be something in the vain of TNA’s “Knockouts” or would you go in a completely different direction? In that same thought, is “Divas” better than TNA’s “Knockouts”, or vice versa? Put on your thinking caps and sound off in the comments!

Latest Posts

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