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WWE Superstars Redux (July 22, 2016): Summer Rae steals one

With the draft behind us, we all now eagerly look to the future. What stories will we be told? Who will re-invent their persona and become a dominant competitor in their division? This week’s episode of Superstars kicked off with two competitors that, most fans will agree, definitely needed a breath of fresh air.

First up, the Foxy one, Alicia Fox, enters sporting beautiful new green ring attire. Now that Team Bella is defunct, Alicia is looking to gain a foothold in the Women’s Division. Her opponent for this match is the lovely, Summer Rae. The match starts and it is noted that both women are residents of the Raw roster. The two women jockey for the early advantage, trading lock ups. Despite an impressive roll up head scissors from Alicia, Summer manages to gain control of match up. A few mud-hole stomps and headmares later, Summer goes for the pin but only manages a two count. Alicia rallies with a clothesline comeback sequence leading into the Northern Lights suplex for a two count. The match ends with Summer rolling up Alicia in a school girl pin and using the rope for leverage.

Thoughts: This match was only around five minutes, but I think it did what it needed to do for Summer Rae. It helped reaffirm her heel nature, but also showed that she’s not as cowardly anymore. It would seem that her time spent challenging the Boss has sharpened her ring savvy. I really enjoyed this match because I saw new things from each competitor. I would consider this match a five minutes well spent. My only complaint is about Summer Rae’s attire. I’m so ready for a change. Hopefully, her look will evolve with her character in this new Era of women’s wrestling.

What are your thoughts on the match? Do you see this becoming a feud between the two ladies? Let us know in the comments below.

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