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Syuri and Saya Kamitani Retain Both Days at World Climax; KAIRI Suffers Injury

Stardom had its second day at the 2022 World Climax The Top on Sunday and the action was just as fierce as day one. This weekend saw KAIRI return to the ring for the first time since departing WWE in 2020. She was victorious in tag team action on day one alongside Mayu Iwatani as they defeated the Cosmic Angels.

On its second day, KAIRI was victorious once again, this time against Starlight Kid. Kid was coming off of a big win on day one after she became the Goddess of Stardom Champion with Momo Watanabe. KAIRI put away Kid in a nearly 18-minute match after hitting her elbow drop from the top rope.

After the match, KAIRI revealed that she has suffered an injury to her eardrum.

“Now, my eardrum is torn and I can’t hear … Each technique has its own weight and the match ignited. It was a different person from the previous kid. The eardrum was torn. But I’m happy, I’m happy with the pain. “

Both Syuri and Saya Kamitani have emerged with back-to-back wins to retain their respective titles. Syuri is still the World of Stardom Champion while Kamitani is still the Wonder of Stardom Champion.

After her intense match with Giulia on Saturday, Syuri had Mayu Iwatani to face on Sunday. The match with Iwatani lasted nearly 29-minutes and Syrui retained by submission. Between both days, Syuri wrestled for nearly an hour. Kamitani defeated Utami Hayashishita on Saturday and Tam Nakano on Sunday both by pinfall and wrestled a total of just over 50 minutes combined.

Hanan also retained her Future of Stardom Championship on the pre-show of both days.

The full results from day two of the event are as follows –

  • Hanan (c) defeated Mai Sakurai – Future of Stardom Championship
  • Mei Suruga defeated Unagi Sayaka, Mina Shirakawa, Ai Houzan, Maria, Momo Kohgo, Saya IIda, Aoi, Tomoka Inaba, Nanami, Haruka Umesaki, Lady C, Rina, Saki Kashima, Ruaka, Waka Tsukiyama, Yuna Mizumori, and Miyu Amasaki– Cinderella Scramble Match
  • Utami Hayashishita defeated Mirai
  • Momo Watanabe defeated Hazuki
  • AZM (c) defeated Koguma and Natsupoi – High Speed Championship
  • KAIRI defeated Starlight Kid
  • Donna del Mondo defeated Prominence (Eight Woman Tag Team)
  • Saya Kamitani (c) defeated Tam Nakano – Wonder of Stardom Championship
  • Syuri (c) defeated Mayu Iwatani – World of Stardom Championship

Now that the World Climax event is over, Stardom is gearing up for its Cinderella Tournament. 32 competitors will be competing from April 3 to April 29.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from Stardom.

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