Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Tam Nakano Says She Will Be Staying With STARDOM

Former World of Stardom Champion, Tam Nakano, has gone on record to say she will be staying with STARDOM. This confirmation has been stated after the report that co-founder Rossy Ogawa’s termination. Ogawa has a lot of talent who will want to remain with him and possibly leave the STARDOM promotion moving forward.

Tam Nakano tells Tokyo Sports that she will be staying with STARDOM. Her goal is to make it the best company in the world.

She says she will protect STARDOM because it’s their fans that helped her get back. Nakano wants to repay them.

Tam also adds that she is planning to return to the top of STARDOM with the World of Stardom Championship back in her sights after having to relinquish the championship at the end of 2024.

Furthermore on Ogawa’s exit, he told Tokyo Sports he will be starting a new promotion.

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