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Tamina Says People Wouldn’t Be Able To Handle Nia Jax Returning And Teaming With Her

Tamina responded to a question with TMZ Sports on the possibility of her rejoining as a team with Nia Jax. Jax returned to WWE during the 2023 Royal Rumble shockingly in the number 30 spot. Since her one-off appearance, Jax has not appeared on WWE TV and there isn’t an indication that she is returning full-time at this point. However, what if she were to return and rejoin Tamina as a powerful tag team?

“Bro, man, I don’t know if people can handle that if sis came back and me and her tagged up. I don’t think people can handle that because that’s a whole nother thing. Because, you know, we’d be going to, no, we’d be running through it all. I mean, you know that sis is freaking awesome. We got the laughs and the giggles. It was awesome, it was great having her back and everybody had a good time. Everybody that was supposed to be in that Rumble was in that Rumble and it was awesome. Every single new girl, every single person that was there. That’s the kind of spirit and love you want in a locker room, you know what I’m saying? That’s what helps make magic.”

Tamina and Jax never won the Women’s Tag Team Titles together, but as a team, they did participate in the Elimination Chamber in 2019 to determine the inaugural champions. Jax is a former two-time tag champion with Shayna Baszler while Tamina won the tag titles with Natalya.

In a different part of the interview, Tamina spot on another relative – Ava Raine.

Ava, the real-life daughter of The Rock, made her NXT debut in October 2022. She has yet to have her in-ring debut, but it is being teased coming up. Tamina comments on Ava –

“Man, that girl..I have known her since Dani was pregnant with her. That’s how long I’ve known Simone. This is how it is. This girl, she has been there at every single…bro, I don’t know if you remember this but she and (Aunt) will be in front row behind commentators and everything, this is how it works. They’re at every single show. This girl has been there through her whole life. Now to see her come and debut… I was with my (Aunt) at the time and we were watching her in LA and when we watched her debut, I mean, we just flipped. That’s something different brother. When you have your niece, who has been there watching your career, and you’re seeing this girl grow up and be the woman that she is today, you can’t help but be so totally proud of her. My girls are my everything. Simone, I have that relationship with her and I look at her as like a daughter to me too in that way. It was awesome, she was great. She did amazing. You can not be more proud of a family member in that way. You just get proud, you just get really really proud.”

Credit of Transcripts to Fightful.

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