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Position: Indies reviewer & news reporter

Favorite movie: Wedding in Galilee. It’s the most beautiful, heartbreaking story about Palestinian family life that takes a rare and much-needed look at the human consequences of war. It’s both tragic and life-affirming in equal measure.

Favorite TV show: The Thick of It. It’s two of my favourite things – politics and swearing – combined to make the greatest sitcom ever.

“Must listen” songs:

Favorite women’s wrestler: Nikki Storm. There’s nobody more entertaining to watch right now than her.

Favorite men’s wrestler: CM Punk. Nothing he does nowadays can ever take away from the impact he had on me and so many other guys my age. As I entered my early twenties he was the hero and role model that I needed as a nerdy wrestling fan struggling to deal with being thrown into the adult world so quickly, and I can’t thank him enough.

Favorite match: CM Punk vs John Cena, Money In The Bank 2011. Everything
about this match was perfect, from the reality of the story to the action in the ring, to the noise from 15,000 Cena-hating Chicagoans. To be able to go into such an important moment in wrestling history not having the faintest clue what was going to happen was so refreshing, and when we got the finish we wanted…well, the crowd reaction says it all!

Favorite feud: There’s been quite a few in recent memory, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Leva Bates and Kimberly‘s feud in SHINE stands out for me. It was the first major feud in the company’s history, and they spread it out over a good seven or eight months, not forcing anything but instead letting it play out organically, before culminating in incredible fashion inside a steel cage. Make no mistake, this feud was one of the factors which propelled SHINE into the spotlight as probably the top women’s promotion out there today.

Least favorite wrestling moment: Any time where John Cena wins or where anything good happens to him.

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