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The Dawn of a New Era

Following her WWE Women’s Championship victory at the Royal Rumble over Beth Phoenix, Melina was interviewed about coming around full-circle following an injury to becoming a champion. Before the interview was over, Melina said this about the new age of women’s wrestling:

And what I also wanted to say is Trish wrote a blog about an end of an era. And it’s true; it was the end of an era when Victoria retired. But I’m hoping that we can create a new era of women’s championship reigns. And whoever wins this  [championship belt] next; I hope it’s not anytime soon as I’m going to put up a fight!

What Melina said really got me thinking. 2009 really has been all about new beginnings for the WWE Divas. The so called “Golden Age” of Divas has come and gone, and we are now embarking on a new era. I’m not quite positive what this era of Divas will be known as, but that is for history to decide. It got me thinking how Divas like Kelly Kelly are constantly being called “the next Trish Stratus,” and as much as this is what it may seem, I don’t particularly like the comparison. I think Kelly Kelly is the new Kelly Kelly. Trish Stratus wasn’t some model that the WWE found in a magazine and completely transformed from a dancer to an extremely talented wrestler. In fact, to be completely honest, I never would have guessed Kelly Kelly would have made it this far. She seemed like some pretty face all about T&A and wasn’t even a really fantastic dancer. I think it goes to show that what we need to do is not focus and dwell on the past age of Divas, but look to the future with the Divas of today. Of course, Kelly Kelly should take notes from those before her, but with time she will, in my opinion, be a top championship contendor. Just look at Maryse. Who was she one year ago? A blonde who taped segments in a bath tub welcoming us back to SmackDown. As pretty as she was, if you would’ve told me that she would be holding WWE gold one year later, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

I think what I’m trying to get at is that there’s really no telling what the Divas of today are truly capable of. Most of them are relatively new and haven’t had the wrestling experience that Divas like Ivory, Molly Holly, Victoria, and Jacqueline had. Who’s to say that Kelly Kelly or Melina won’t become an 8 or 9-time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion? If that is to happen, then the Divas of the future will then have to be dubbed “the next Kelly Kelly” or “the next Melina.”

2009 is off to a pretty great start; I for one am anxious to see what the future holds! Who do y’all think of today’s roster is the most likely to leave behind an amazing legacy??

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