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The Kat Talks Friendship With Chyna And Her Abrupt Release

Stacy “The Kat” Carter is a former WWF Women’s Champion and worked for the WWF/E from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. During her tenure, one of her most memorable moments was her partnership with Chyna. The two were friends prior to being in WWF together and it was Chyna’s idea for them to pair up.

Carter recently spoke on many topics with Ring the Belle’s DS Shin.

On her friendship with Chyna, Carter tells Shin –

“It was awesome [her relationship with Chyna]. She and I were really good friends. Back before I signed with them [WWF/E], Jerry [Lawler] was there already and so, I would go to the shows. Like if we went to Florida, if we went to Dallas, we went to New York or any of those places, I would go so I already knew everyone before I signed and so, she and I would hang out backstage and in the locker room, she’d invite me to come and hang out in the locker room and stuff like that and so, once the whole Jeff [Jarrett] thing went down, you know, she wrestled Jeff for the Intercontinental Title and all that and then he was one day past his contract.

So he held everyone up and so we didn’t have a clue what we were gonna do. Like she and I, the storyline’s gotta end right now. I don’t know what’s happening and so Jeff finally shows up at the end of the day and we went over a match really fast and then we didn’t know what she and I were gonna do. There was nothing left for me so, she came up with the idea of whenever I leave and I walk back up the ramp to leave, she said, ‘You just follow me and you turn around and kind of like give him the thing’ and everybody loved it. So, that’s how our little mini-me thing came to fruition. I know, it was so much fun.”

Just before Carter’s abrupt end with the company, she was in a storyline with the Right to Censor faction. She believes that it was leading to her turning heel. When discussing her release from the company she says she doesn’t have an answer, only Vince McMahon can truly answer that.

“That was gonna be fun [her involvement in the Right to Censor storyline]. You have to ask Vince McMahon. We got to the building that day, one o’clock in the afternoon, you get there at one and they tell you what you’re gonna do when they come out of their writers meeting. They tell you what you’re gonna do and I had like five or six different things going on that day. Like, ‘You’re gonna do this vignette here, you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do that’ and then Jerry [Lawler] took off and went shopping which he always does. I was getting ready and then Jerry came and knocked on the door and said, ‘We gotta go’ and I go, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Get your stuff’ and I was like, ‘No! I gotta get ready. I got all this stuff to do.’ Your guess is as good as mine. To this day, I don’t have an answer [as to why I was let go]. Some people think they know the answer but Vince McMahon’s the only one that can answer that.”

Carter spoke on her moment at the 1999 Armageddon event where she ended up flashing the whole crowd instead of just a portion based on where the camera was supposed to be angled.

“Do you know that I am responsible for the ‘N’ for nudity on every pay-per-view since that night? [when she flashed the crowd at Armageddon 1999]… Let’s go back. So we’re at the very back of the building in the arena back by the stage where the ramp where everybody goes down, away from the ring. So, what was supposed to happen was I was supposed to turn around and where I did it — but the camera was supposed to be to my back and so I would be like this to all the fans and then I would do this and only people way up in the top would see me, and then Sarge was supposed to come in with a towel and when I ran back and he grabbed me and he put the towel around me, I said, ‘Sarge, did that just happen?’ He goes, ‘Yes it did Kitty.’”

She also talked about the progression of women’s wrestling and her time as WWF Women’s Champion. She maintains throughout the interview that she wasn’t a wrestler despite winning the gold during a swimming pool match. She spoke highly of Ivory who was the type who wanted to be in the ring and wanted the big matches.

“Well, it’s good on both ends [the growth of women’s wrestling]. I feel like tough women, women who wanna wrestle, who want to be in there, people like Ivory back then — those are my references — should be able to do that. That should be good because people wanna see that but people still also wanna see the slapstick stuff, the fun stuff, like the girls pulling each other’s hair and stuff like that.

I think there’s room for a character like that [in WWE today]. Yeah, but just, you won’t go to that extreme.”

Credit for transcriptions – POSTWrestling

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