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The Riott Squad celebrate their main roster anniversary

Today marks three years that the members of The Riott Squad made their main roster debut as they appeared on SmackDown to wreak havoc. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan quickly formed a tight bond and focused on a wolf pack mentality against all who came in their path.

They were first seen backstage confronting Naomi that resulted in a vicious attack. This ended up involving Becky Lynch who tried to come to Naomi’s aid but received the same downfall.

Their destruction didn’t stop there. Later on, that same night, they took out both Natalya and Charlotte Flair who were having a championship match. The team did work on both SmackDown and RAW. All three women treasured this moment in their personal lives that they received tattoos of their debut date (11/21/17) to forever remember their time together.

The group would end up being disbanded in 2019 during the Superstar Shake-up. Morgan would be moved to SmackDown, Logan stayed on RAW, and Riott went out of action due to needing shoulder surgery. Unfortunately for Morgan and Logan, the split meant virtually nothing for their singles careers. Logan was used on Main Event while Morgan was only seen one time during her move back to SmackDown.

Morgan would later be traded back to RAW and put in a storyline as a former love interest of Lana‘s. Once Riott came back from injury, she would turn on her former teammate and the two entered into a rivalry. This put Logan in the middle. Logan would be released by the company in April during cuts due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Morgan and Riott would come together once again after working out their trust issues and formed a two-woman Riott Squad. Since then they have had their eyes set on becoming Women’s Tag Team Champions. Both women recently qualified for Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. This will be their first time in a Survivor Series style match.

Since her release, Logan has announced that she will be stepping away from wrestling at the moment. She then shared the news that she is expecting her first child with her husband Erik of the Viking Raiders.

You can see their words on social media below celebrating Squad Day.

What are some of your favorite Riott Squad moments? Leave your comments below!!

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