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The Theoretical Disjointment of the AEW Women’s Division

Let’s talk about the AEW Women’s Division.  Just after the one year mark for the promotion, the Women’s Division has become a rather complex topic.  Reactions throughout social media seemed to be mixed throughout, and fans are scratching their heads at what is exactly going on. 

Everything that is going on in the AEW Women’s Division right now is perplexing, but perhaps in a good way.  Now that the other parts of AEW are established and on the move, 2020 should be the year that the Women’s Division finds its footing.  With such an incredible depth of talent, there is only so much that is featured on two shows.  With the new show in the works, this will help the build on the storytelling of the feuds and characters.

Photo: AEW

Stars such as Hikaru Shida are very popular with the fans.  At the Homecoming show in Jacksonville, she got the most support from the fans in attendance.  Her Number One contendership is completely valid in that aspect.  Big Swole is hot in women’s wrestling, which is why AEW was quick to sign her.  Others such as Bea Priestly, Shanna, and Priscilla Kelly are credible factors in helping the Division to be its best.

All those mentioned above have made their presence known on AEW programming.  Fans like consistency in which AEW has been making the effort to do.  There are some examples, with one being The Nightmare Collective.   They are definitely piquing interest but sometimes fans are left wondering what exactly is the purpose of the faction?  Brandi Rhodes gave fans an insight to what the Collective was really about when she offered a spot to Kris Statlander last month. 

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Their recent involvement in the Women’s Championship match two weeks ago is something to consider as well.  The intimidation factor is there, and the promise of what the Nightmare Collective can be is abundant.  Things look to really start churning when it comes to Rhodes’ “extended family”.

Riho as the first AEW Women’s Champion was certainly a risk, but one that was worth taking.  It was different considering she was new to fans, but she won the fans over last summer at Fight for the Fallen.  Cute and petite, Riho has a spitfire side to her and the drive to win.  She’s not perfect by any means but she puts on a great showing every time she is out in the ring. 

Choosing Riho as the leader of the Women’s Division is a huge responsibility for someone as young as she is.  No doubt Riho is one of the tiniest competitors in the Women’s Division.  Many women who have competed in the ring are on the small side; Gail Kim would be a good example of this.  While Riho excels in overcoming the odds for a victory, there is room for improvement as she has her whole career ahead of her. 

Dr. Britt Baker’s recent heel turn was a great move that will get the ball rolling in the Championship picture.  As AEW’s first female signee, her frustration to uphold the importance of that is evident.  With each failure of obtaining the AEW Women’s Championship, the more upset she gets. Her condescending approach to a full-fledged turn can be better though her change in attitude is just beginning. 

Photo: AEW

Fans can liken the scenario of the AEW Women’s Division to WWE’s Women’s Division.  There are some moments where everyone isn’t sure what is going on, but as the weeks go on, it all evolves into something great.  Perhaps linking everything together hasn’t worked just yet.  Everything takes time.  Pro wrestling stories, characters, and legacies aren’t built overnight.  There is a ton of trial and error that goes on, which is what fans are seeing right now with AEW’s Women’s Division.  Every show is a chance to improve and get better.  2020 is only into one month, but maybe it will be the year that the Women’s Division will get its just due.

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