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The Tiffany Guide to Impact: RIP Raisha Saeed

It’s the Tiffany Guide to Impact… without Tiffany? While our TNA correspondent vacays it up, yours truly will be providing the Impact commentary this week! And what an episode to come in on! Following an underwhelming Bound for Glory pay per view, we were lured with the promise of Awesome Kong vs Raisha Saeed, a match that seemed inevitable from the moment one Melissa Anderson donned the burkha and hijab back in January 2008. And so it would be…

But first, we start out with a ‘fluff’ segment as the Beautiful People debut their reality show/movie/they can’t quite seem to decide what it is, entitled ‘The Meanest Girls’:

Well, I guess if you’re in a group that is wrestling limited, you have to do stuff like this to push your feud, which by the way doesn’t seem to be ending. Are we really going for Saritaylor vs TBP for the third time? Even after they won the first two matches? Some would consider that a blow-off to move on. Then again, it’s not as though there’s any other team waiting in the wings.

So unbeknownst to Saritaylor, they are being screen tested by Lacey and co. Lacey looked good here and she seems to be much more comfortable speaking than Madison Rayne, so she’s got that going for her even if her wrestling isn’t good. Not much to say about this segment, it was rather dumb but worked somewhat.

Change of tone now for the real action as Kong and Saeed take to the ring:

The match kicks off with Kong grabbing Saeed by the legs for a giant swing. She then goes for a kick but Saeed moves out of the way, and also moves out of the way of a clothesline attempt showing how well she knows her former charge. Saeed comes at Kong with forearms and then kicks, and then hits a low dropkick to the knee which takes Kong off her feet. Saeed then goes for another dropkick but Kong catches her foot and gets on her feet and goes for a spinning back fist. Again, Saeed has this one scouted as she ducks. Saeed manages to hit Kong with a few slaps. Kong then hits her with a double-fist to the head and down goes Raisha.

Kong goes up top for a big splash but Raisha comes back with some slaps and gets up on the ropes herself, kicking Kong repeatedly. Saeed then waps her leg around the back of Kong’s neck and hits a fameasser almost from the top rope which takes its toll on both Knockouts. Pin cover attempt by Saeed but to no avail, she goes up top for a splash but Kong puts up her knees. Kong goes for an implant buster but Saeed counters with lefts and rights, she then goes against the ropes and jumps up on Kong for a hurricanrana which Kong nearly manages to lock into an Awesome Bomb. Saeed wisely flips it over into a sunset flip but can’t get Kong down, who ends up sitting atop of her. This leads to Kong finally hitting the Implant Buster and covering her for the 1, 2, 3.

Post-match, Kong takes Raisha up to the top of the rampway and powerbombs her off the stage, effectively ending Raisha Saeed’s TNA career.

A good match, perhaps it could’ve been a little more action-packed with Saeed showing more knowledge of Kong’s moveset and frustrating Kong. The post-match segment was effective and well done, however. I like that the announcers set up Kong as being that much scarier and fearsome now that she is without a leash. What does that mean for the rest of the Knockouts? Bad things, I assume. It’ll be interesting to finally see Kong without a mouthpiece but in all honesty, this role was wasted on the talented Melissa for the past two years. Let’s hope this leads to some a more prominent role for Alissa Flash, though looking at next week’s spoilers, I’m not holding my breath.

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