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The Top 5 Things We Learned From Trish’s Hall of Fame Speech

#5: Trish Can Incite Some Epic Jealousy

Trish’s list of people to thank was enormous (quite literally, but more on that later), and last but certainly not least on that list was her husband Ron.

She expressed her love for the man who was her high school sweetheart, and unsuspectingly brought upon herself and her husband the kind of heat she hadn’t garnered since her last heel run.

Any time Trish mentioned Ron or how long the two had been together, the boos rained down on her like she had just trash talked the Yankees. She was taken aback by that response, and after a few interruptions she jokingly warned the crowd not to piss her off by dissing her man.

Were the boos mere cynicism about love or a lighthearted show of jealousy? We’d bet on the latter. The largely male crowd jeered Ron for taking Trish off the market, but quickly changed their tune when they learned that Trish was pregnant, going from booing poor Ron to chanting his name. They might as well have been saying, “Atta boy, Ron!”

It was a first for a Diva: garnering heat not because of the crowd’s dislike for her, but for the sheer jealousy inspired by another man having had the good fortune of marrying her. We’re willing to bet that Trish felt both flattered and perturbed by the response–probably more the former than the latter, given her lighthearted reaction.

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