Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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The Top 5 Things We Learned From Trish’s Hall of Fame Speech

#3: Trish is a Born Comedian

Those who have closely followed Trish’s career are well aware of the Diva’s impeccable comedic timing. The woman who hosted Canadian reality show “The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend” had a charisma that few Divas could match, and as a heel she could make you chuckle in between the jeers.

Her speech showcased that famed charisma and comedic talent, most notably when Trish poked fun at herself by unfurling a hilariously long list of the people she wanted to thank, rolling it out off the podium and into the seats. The camera quickly panned the list, which actually showcased names of those she intended to thank. She requested that, if she did not mention you in her speech, to please refer to the list.

Trish has inspired laughs in the past, but never before has she gotten a response this enormous. For many, this speech was the moment they realized how funny Trish could be. The list gag garnered a great reaction from the audience, achieving just the right balance between humor and sentiment and showing that Trish knew she owed her success to many people.

You’ve got to hand it to Trish: that’s one way to prevent any awkward speech snubs! Perhaps some future Academy Award winners should take a page–or, rather, a mile-long scroll–out of her book when planning their acceptance speeches.

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