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The Top 5 Things We Learned From Trish’s Hall of Fame Speech

#2: Trish is Partial to the Term “Golden Era”

When thanking her fellow Divas for their part in shaping her career, Trish busted out a reference created and perpetuated by women’s wrestling fans on the internet, yet so far unacknowledged by the WWE itself.

It’s popular among internet wrestling fans to refer to the Divas division in the early 2000s as the “Golden Era”. With an all-star cast of Divas–Trish, Lita, Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly and Mickie James–the wrestling was top-notch and the attention given by the WWE to the division was unparalleled.

Usually when referring to the Golden Era, fans are making a cynical comparison: that the Divas division of old is no more, whether it be to a lack of talent or a lack of effort by the WWE to book compelling storylines. In her utilization of the term, Trish was instead honoring the women who helped her become the Diva she was, some of whom are often overlooked for their contribution to the legacy of the division.

That’s not to mention the fact that it was surreal to hear Trish not only demonstrate that she’s aware of the internet term, but that she thinks enough of the fans to use it in her speech, endorsing their view of the Divas division and saying that she too is a fan of what they accomplished. It was a small gesture by her, but one that really resonated with us.

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