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The Top 5 Things We Learned From Trish’s Hall of Fame Speech

#1: Trish is Four Months Pregnant

Of course, the biggest news to come from Trish’s speech was her pregnancy announcement: in September, she will be delivering a “little Stratusfaction”. The cameras flashed and the crowd popped as Trish stepped away from the podium and held her stomach in a picturesque pose.

This meant that Trish was about four months pregnant, and though she is just starting to show, she certainly had the a glow of a mother-to-be.

With Trish having been out of the spotlight, it’s not a total shock that she was able keep a lid on the news, but we’re still impressed that not even a rumor of her pregnancy managed to leak. The secrecy set the stage for a great moment: when she made the announcement in front of a packed Madison Square Garden, jaws dropped. Diva Dirt’s Cryssi and Erin even replicated that famous Triple H and Shawn Michaels double-take when hearing the news. The internet soon seconded that reaction, the bombshell exploding on social media and causing Trish to trend on Twitter.

It was only the most notable of many heartfelt, soul-bearing moments in Trish’s speech, narrowly surpassing the revelation that her mother’s cancer diagnosis played a part in her decision to retire in 2006.

Her mother, now cancer free, will soon be a grandmother, and we at Diva Dirt cannot be happier for her and her lavishly accomplished daughter.

The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony airs on USA Network tonight, April 9th at 10pm ET.

Which part of Trish’s speech are you most looking forward to?

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