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Think You’ve Seen It All? Think Again!

It’s been a week of new products for women’s wrestling this week with the premiere of Wrestlicious TakeDown on Monday. That product itself was somewhat controversial with some of our readers but just when you think you’ve seen it all, here’s something else to make you ponder.

TNA’s Eric Bischoff filmed a pilot for his new wrestling venture, Micro Championship Wrestling [MCW] last night at the Impact Zone in Orlando and if the word ‘micro’ doesn’t give it a way, it’s a promotion for ‘little people’. And what do you know, they too have a women’s division. Check out spoilers from their taping below:

The third match had a large woman who’s name escapes me (Stella maybe?) vs. Trixie. Oh, but this couldn’t be a normal match, interjected the great Cracker T. No, we were going to have the ladies have a cat fight, which translated to, and I kid you not, Socker Bopppers on the ladies hands ( if you forget what those are). They proceeded to have a rather weak five minute timed contest, during which T informed us that Trixie thought her ‘boobies’ might be popping out — yes, he really said that. T then tried to disqualify both girls for cheating (he described what each did), Tanaka disagreed because he did not see it and somehow the match was restarted for 30 seconds. He attempted to get the crowd to count down the 30 seconds, which was not very successful. Overall this match was rather weak and it spurred a mass exodus by the crowd. (Source: PWInsider)

Wonders will never cease!

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