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Three possible feuds for a returning Liv Morgan

It is funny to call this a return for the former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan frankly because she hasn’t gone anywhere. She hasn’t been out of action due to any circumstance beyond her control, she just hasn’t been utilized.

After WrestleMania, she was moved to SmackDown during the Superstar Shake-Up which caused the break up of the Riott Squad. The move sparked interest in fans and many were hoping to see her start thriving in the land of opportunity. She was seen exactly one time. That moment was a match against Charlotte Flair where after her loss she said she would be returning different. That was in July.

During her absence, she was moved back to RAW due to the draft in October and has still not been featured. This hasn’t stopped her from making cryptic tweets on her Twitter account keeping those who follow her some hope. Finally, in these past few weeks there have been vignettes airing about her makeover as a new Liv Morgan. So far the vignettes have witnessed her in a bathroom where she has been taking a bath, putting on makeup, and brushing her hair as a sign of her makeover.

During the vignettes, there are flashes of her Riott Squad persona and how she was doing what others wanted her to do and told her how she should look, which took the power out of her own hands. She has ended both vignettes with the following statements:

“Now I have no choice, I have to destroy myself.”

“It’s up to me to decide who I am, and I am anything but typical.”

Currently Morgan’s future gimmick/appearance may still be a bit of a mystery, one thing is for sure she will need an opponent upon her return. This could go a couple ways. Either they could build up her dominance and have her face several local talents before deciding who to put her with (which is most likely) or they can actually place her directly into a serious feud.

Based on what has been presented so far, here are three potential rivals that Ms. Morgan could/should encounter.

Credit: WWE

Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega may be the odd one out of the three on this list, however, her being a viable option for Liv Morgan should be acknowledged. Recently Vega has been experiencing some tension between her and her client, Andrade. This friction has led many people to believe that a split between the two is on the horizon.

If the two do part from one another where does that leave Vega? Will she find herself a new client to lend her services to, or will she perhaps become more of an in-ring performer? If it is more of the latter then she could be the perfect choice for Morgan.

Morgan’s new character seems to be more outspoken then she was in the Riott Squad. If this continues to be the case then she may be more vocal on the microphone and she will need someone who excels at that. This person could be Vega.

Credit: WWE

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair could easily be the first major feud for Liv. Granted their one-off match in July didn’t continue, but it did spark a change in Morgan. Granted we aren’t seeing a change until six months later, but a change nonetheless. Flair isn’t someone that she has had a lot of interaction with, especially in singles competition, so the thought of this would be a fresh new feud.

Recently, Flair has been taking the backseat away from the main title picture. She has still stayed relevant as she has been fighting for the Women’s Tag Team Championship while also main eventing. It is clear that the next opponent for Becky Lynch is going to be Asuka, so where does that leave Flair? A perfect opportunity for someone like Morgan to be built up.

Credit: WWE

Ruby Riott

The more we get to see about the new Liv Morgan emerging the more that her first possible feud could be against her former friend and leader – Ruby Riott. Riott may be the most logical option but this all depends on when her timetable for a return is. She has been out of action since WrestleMania due to a bilateral shoulder injury which has required two surgeries. The first surgery took place in May while the second happened in August.

If she is potentially all healed up and ready to go then this could be exactly the road Liv Morgan may be heading down. Riott hasn’t been too active on social media since her surgeries, but did post in October a photo on her Instagram with the caption being an hourglass emoji. This could be signaling that it is almost time for her return.

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As far as what her return would mean for Morgan is simple. The vignettes we have received so far tend to focus on her Morgan’s past. She comments that she was told what to wear, how to act, and essentially who to be. Who could have potentially done this to her more than the Riott Squad leader herself?

Regardless of who may be her first opponent upon her return we may have to wait until the Royal Rumble for her emergence.

Who do you think will be Liv Morgan’s first feud? Do you think it will be someone on this list or someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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