Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Thunder Rosa takes the win in the first-ever women’s main event on Dynamite

A heated rivalry came to a head as the first-ever women’s main event on Dynamite took place tonight. Ever since this match was announced last week it has left fans buzzing in anticipation. Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker battled it out in an Unsanctioned Lights Out match which left the women a bloody mess (especially from Baker).

The action started immediately as Rebel took it upon herself to try and give Baker the upper hand by clobbering Rosa with her crutch. This did give Baker the initial offense as she hit a spear followed by an air raid crash onto the stage. She continued by introducing the first weapon in the form of a steel chair to the match. That would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Once Rosa gained some control of the match she dumped her opponent over the barricade and the two battled in the crowd. As this transpired we saw the AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida in the back watching what is unfolding on a television monitor. Jade Cargill was also watching from the stands with a smile across her face.

As the face went back to ringside, Rebel assisted Baker in bringing out the artillery. They set up a table as Baker stomped on Rosa’s hand on the top of the steel steps. As Rosa is taken out for the moment, Baker and Rebel toss chair after chair into the ring.

The chairs piled up in the ring would provide useful for Baker as she would later suplexes her opponent on top of them from the corner. As Rosa was already bleeding a bit, it was introducing ladders to the match which left Baker busted open. After a facebuster on a ladder, we witnessed a dropkick from Rosa to Baker in the corner with a ladder propped up in the ropes.

Rosa then sets up a table outside the ring before getting back in to focus on the ladder once again. Baker then takes advantage for a moment and plants Rosa face-first on the ladder. Rosa follows this up with a Death Valley Driver from the top turnbuckle.

As Rebel tries to wipe the blood from Baker’s face, Rosa pulls her to the center of the ring and gets a near fall. A chair is set up which allows Baker to hit a DDT followed by a stomp but it still isn’t enough to end the match as Rosa kicks out. Baker provides a sadistic smile as blood drips down her face she gets a glove to prepare herself to deliver the Lock Jaw as she grabs a bag of thumbtacks.

The two women take turns countering each other trying to get the upper hand to utilize the thumbtacks. Rebel gets involved with her crutch but Rosa takes her out. As Rebel is on the apron trying to regroup, Rosa drives her off and into a table set up on the outside. Rosa then turns her attention back to her foe and powerbombs Baker into the thumbtacks.

As they are laying in the thumbtacks, Baker applies the Lock Jaw as Rosa rolls her back. This breaks the hold and although Rosa tries to go for the pin they both are in the thumbtacks so it breaks the pin attempt.

As the match comes to its conclusion, the two wind up on the apron by the table that Rosa had set up on the outside. Rosa delivers a Fire Thunder Driver off the apron and through the table. She goes for the cover and gets the three count to get the pin.

Jade Cargill also had a match tonight, her second one in her career. It was a quick one which was to be expected since her opponent wasn’t advertised. She faced Dani Jordyn. After securing her victory, she took sight of her first opponent, Red Velvet, who she beat two weeks ago. Velvet was in the crowd at ringside. The two had some words and were held back and kept off each other before Cargill made her way back up the ramp.

What did you think of this main event? Did it live up to what you expected? Leave your thoughts below.

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