Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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TLC Results: AJ Escapes the Sharpshooter’s Crosshairs

Tonight at TLC, AJ Lee moved one step closer to breaking the record for longest Divas Title reign when she defeated Natalya.

The Divas Champion narrowly escaped defeat several times, once almost tapping to Natalya’s Sharpshooter. Distraction from Tamina Snuka played a big role as well.

When Natalya tried again for a submission victory, AJ grabbed a handful of hair, rolling the Total Divas star into a small package pin. With the pin, AJ got the victory and held on to her Divas Title.

Natalya appeared to be AJ’s most formidable opponent yet, so with her loss, is there anyone who can step up and finally unseat the Divas Champion?

What did you think of the match?

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