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TNA British Boot Camp 2 Write-Up: Episode 8, “Season Finale”

After a long eight week journey of auditions, impressing judges and wrestling trials, we’ve at last arrived to the big finale of TNA British Boot Camp 2, where one of our three finalists will win a TNA contract and a spot on the Impact roster.

In their final and most important task of the competition, each of the three finalists that include Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews and Kay Lee Ray, will compete in one on one single matches against a TNA Superstar. All of these matches have been conveniently booked per TNA President Dixie Carter, who puts the task to these UK hopefuls of outshining their opponents. It would be Rampage Brown taking on Bram, a fellow who he is all too familiar with. In X-Division action, Mark Andrews takes on DJ Z. Last but not least, in what is considered a dream match for some fans, Kay Lee Ray will battle it out with British Boot Camp judge Gail Kim.

As introductions are being done for Kay Lee Ray, the Glasgow native shares her feelings on stepping into the ring with the likes of Gail Kim. She considers Gail as a dream opponent and one the of best workers today; with the pressure on, Kay Lee Ray knows she has to being everything she’s got in this match.

Once in the ring, Gail Kim extends her hand to student Kay Lee Ray as the bell rings to officially start the match. Starting things up with a tie up, Gail manages to take Kay Lee Ray down with a headlock. After an unsuccessful jackknife pin, Gail then whips Kay Lee Ray to a corner but Kay Lee Ray proves to be quick on her feet, spring boarding to the ropes and landing Gail with a flying forearm.

Only getting a two count, Kay Lee Ray is kicked to the turnbuckle by Gail. Gail glides to Kay Lee Ray but the Glasgow native manages to get out of the way just in time, sending Gail crashing and burning to the steel steps from the outside. Catching her breath, Gail Kim slowly gets back to the feet but is taken down almost immediately by a suicide diving Kay Lee Ray.

With another near two count, Gail gets resourceful and locks a flying dragon to wear Kay Lee Ray down. She manages to bring Kay Lee Ray down enough to land a pin attempt to which Kay Lee Ray kicks out of. The two women trade roll up pin exchanges until Kay Lee Ray locks a grounded submission.

As the hold breaks, Kay Lee Ray looks to land a flying dropkick from the turnbuckle but Gail counters it with a dropkick of her own as the crowd begins a “TNA!” chant, who are just living for this match so far!

Back on their feet, Gail begins to build momentum with a number of forearms and clothesline to Kay Lee Ray, finishing it all up with a flying crossbody. Managing to only get another two count lead, Gail goes for the Eat Defeat but Kay Lee Ray manages to reverse it to gory bomb! This manage to be enough to send Gail rolling outside the ring. Looking to find the same success as the first time, Kay Lee Ray goes for another suicide dive from inside the ring but only gets a helping of Gail’s forearm.

Gail tosses Kay Lee Ray back to the ring for a pin fall but not even that seems to be enough to put Kay Lee Ray away! Kay Lee Ray tries another gory bomb only this time Gail reverses it to her own Eat Defeat finisher and picks up the three count. Though she may have lost, Gail still comforts Kay Lee Ray after the match, whispering praises to her and hugging her with lots of sportsmanship.

After their match, Gail continues her praises of Kay Lee Ray, saying she has a lot of heart and is one tough woman. From her point of view, Kay Lee Ray is proud of her match with Gail, noting the importance of it and hopes it was enough to declare her the winner of the entire British Boot Camp competition.

With all the single matches now completed, the final three arrive to Dixie’s mansion of a home as they await the moment of truth. Madam Carter greets our finalists as they arrive to her door. We head outside to the back where British Boot Camp season one winner Rockstar Spud joins the group, as they discuss everything they’ve been through up until this point. Spud can relate to the nerve racking feeling the final three must feel as he too was on the opposite side. Still, he says that everyone should be proud of all their work and anyone one of them would be a great addition to the Impact roster.

Before Dixie makes her final decision, she declares that has one last surprise for the final contestants. With that she brings back previous finalists Noam Dar, Dave Mastiff and Grado and all six finalist of the season are reunited one last time to heat Dixie’s surprise announcement. She says she was so impressed by everyone’s performance that instead of only four of them taking part of TNA’s UK, all six would be invited back! A nice gesture to the final six who we have all followed and grown to love.

With Dixie making her announcement, it’s time to find out who will be crowned the winner of British Boot Camp. Before Dixie makes her last call, she asks to meet with our finalists individually, so they can tell her why they deserve to win.

First up is Mark Andrews, who shares his story of watching the X-Division growing up and always wanting to be a part of it. He feels as though he has enough talent to help elevate the division and bring back some prestige to the division. Next to tell her story is Kay Lee Ray who reveals to Dixie her passion for wrestling. It’s a career that she has always wanted and has been able to accomplish after moving out of parents’ home and becoming independent at the age of just fifteen years old. Being part of the Knockouts division would just feel like a final pay off for all the work she has put in to her career. Family man Rampage Brown is the final person to tell Dixie why he should win. He tells Dixie that his daughter is his biggest inspiration and reasoning for wrestling. He’s at his prime and feels as though he has a lot to give for the company.

After hearing everyone’s story, Dixie Carter has made her decision. She tells Mark that the X-Division is a priority to the company and that his move set is unique and one that is worthy of the division but fears that his body may not be able to keep up with it. For Kay Lee Ray’s part, Dixie sees a woman that is fearless and driven but isn’t exactly sure if she’s ready to join the Knockouts division. (Were you not watching the same match she had against Gail Kim Dixie?) Finally there’s Rampage Brown, who is physically impressive in the ring but there’s uncertainty if that can transition to outside the ring.

With all of that way, Dixie makes her final decision and names the winner of British Boot Camp two: Mark Andrews! Emotions run through the young lad with his fellow constants embracing him and congratulating him upon his victory. Of course there’s disappointment from Kay Lee Ray and Rampage Brown but there could only be one winner and they’re more than happy for Mark and what the future holds for him. We end the show with Mark making a call to his mother and breaking the good news.

Watch Dixie Carter break down the episode with Rockstar Spud and Jeremy Borash below:

So concludes another season of British Boot Camp and another season with no potential Knockout winning. Now, that’s not to sound negative, as the show has been quite successful (aside from the overkill of fixed Grado scenarios) of introducing UK talent to new fans, especially when it came to someone like Kay Lee Ray. Personally, I think there are already a handful of names in the X-Division, so we wouldn’t be missing out another if Mark didn’t win where as the Knockouts division could use new blood and someone like Kay Lee Ray. Still, a big congratulation goes out to Mark Andrews and I wish him in his new journey through TNA.

As we’ve already heard, this will not be theist we hear of Kay Lee Ray or any of our other final six contestants as they will all take part of TNA’s UK tour. Will someone still get a contract despite not winning like the Blossom Twins did last year? (Fingers crossed) Will we see more surprise appearances at this upcoming UK tour like we did earlier this year with Alpha Female and Shanna? We find out all this in January 2015!

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