Saturday, December 2, 2023

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TNA Impact Spoilers for Feb. 25th and March 4th

Spoilers for the next few weeks of TNA Impact are below. Click the ‘Show’ link to read:

February 25th:
* ODB vs. Daffney. Daffney got DQed for going nuts and using the ring steps to smash ODB’s leg while it was around a ring post. She then used a mop on ODB’s leg. Dr. Stevie had to pull her off.

&bulll • •

March 4th:
* Angelina Love is out. She calls Velvet Sky a bitch and says she’s not leaving until she gets out here. Velvet comes out wielding a pink belt. Angelina goes after her and beats her all over the place. Angelina brings her in the ring and delivers a scissor kick. She takes the belt and is going to use it until the rest of the Beautiful People run out. They hold Angelina down so Velvet can whip her with the belt. They beat on her and then pose to their music and leave.

&bulll • •

* Hamada vs Traci Brooks. Winner via Hamada Driver, Hamada. (Source: Wrestling News World)

Thoughts after the cut:

Melanie’s Thoughts
I am loving crazy Daffney and I am loving how intense the Angelina/Velvet segment sounds. TNA is hitting homeruns with the past two nights of tapings in my book!


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