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TNA Signs New Japanese Knockout

During a press conference in Japan on Wednesday, April 8, Japanese wrestler Ayako Hamada announced that her last matchup with the Ito Dojo will be on April 19 as she has signed a contract with TNA Wrestling.

Ayako will be a second generation wrestling Knockout, as her father is Gran Hamada, who is from former WWE Superstar Taka Michinoku and his family’s wrestling organization, Michinoku Pro Wrestling.

I think it is great that TNA is branching out into Japan for new talent. She is apparently a decorated athlete and I can see her bringing a lot to the table in TNA. I don’t believe she would fit right in with the mold that WWE has for their Divas, but I can see her making a big impact in TNA. Unfortunately, the only flaw with this hiring is I think TNA is trying to make up for their loss of Gail Kim by hiring another Knockout who has a similar look and similar style in the ring.

Ever since they didn’t cough up enough money to match WWE’s offer and keep Gail Kim, the TNA Knockout Division hasn’t really been the same if you ask me. I think TNA is bringing in a flood of new Knockouts to try and fix this, including Sojo Bolt, Madison Rayne, Daffney, and now Ayako, but so far, it hasn’t worked. Maybe they are hoping that bringing in a Gail lookalike will repair their Knockouts Division. I hate to break it to you TNA, but you can’t replace Gail!

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