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TNA Throwback Thursday: December 25th, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all! Josue here, wishing everyone a happy and happy holiday! In the spirit of the jolly season, this week’s TNA Impact Throwback Thursday will cover Christmas Day 2008.

Twas the night that TNA presented a second Santa’s Workshop Knockout Street Fight, while also giving The Beautiful People a bit of a fright.

After a few crash courses in political etiquette from The Governor (aka Daffney), the time had come for Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to meet their public. Having to step out without a stitch of make up on and sporting new “appropriate” clothing, in front of a group of chanting fans dubbed “dirty marks”, you betcha there would be some objection to this task!

Luckily for The Beautiful People, average joe six pack, Cute Kip promises to drop anyone that touches them like a bad habit. The Governor reassures to Angelina and Velvet that everything would be okay and shoves them to the crowd of other “true Americans”.

Back inside the Impact Zone, the Santa Knockout Workshop Street Fight is ready to commence.

It would be the Kongtourage group consisting of Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed and Rhaka Khan teaming up with Sojo Bolt taking on the team of Christy Hemme, Roxxi Laveaux, Taylor Wilde and ODB.

Opting out of any festive attires that year, (although Saeed does sport some red) the heel team stand outside the ring as the babyface team try to bring spread Christmas cheer. There are holiday hats, red and green tights, candy cane stockings and of course the booze, complimentary of ODB who also shares where she has placed her mistletoe.

After a brief break, we begin this party with Taylor Wilde and Raisha Saeed kicking things off. Saeed taking control at the start of the match with a kick to the gut and strong right forearms to Taylor Wilde. Saeed sends Taylor to the ropes but it backfires as Taylor manages to hit a hurricanrana and makes a tag to her partner Roxxi.

Roxxi plays to her strength and slams Saeed to the mat. Looking for a dirty escape, Saeed rakes Roxxi’s eyes and makes the tag to Sojo Bolt, who gets tossed over shortly after getting in the ring. Roxxi drags Sojo to ODB’s corner, holds her in position for ODB to make a tag and hit Sojo with a kick to the mid section. A scoop and a slam later, ODB makes a tag to Christy.

After an arm drag take down to Sojo, Christy teases with her Genesis opponent, Awesome Kong who has had enough of standing by from the corner and goes after Christy from behind. The baby face try to come to the aid of Christy but Awesome Kong manages to just knock them all down one by one.

After taking down Taylor, Roxxi And ODB, Awesome Kong goes back to work on Christy. Using some leverage from the turnbuckle, Christy manages to land some kicks to her Goliath foe. Christy then climbs on the back of Kong, trying to wear her down but the hold is broken when Kong’s team members make the save.

Even up the numbers, the face Knockouts get back in the game and it turns into an all out brawl in the six sided ring! Inside and outside the ring, bodies are at every corner in this street fight. Still in the ring, the two Knockouts to kick off this match battle it out, with Taylor managing to send Raisha Saeed out, landing on top of four other Knockouts.

With all the action going on outside the ring, Taylor decides to join them by climbing a turnbuckle and landing a cross body on top of everyone in her way!

Back inside the ring, Genesis rivals Awesome Kong and Christy duke it out with Christy trying her own cross body only to be caught mid air. From the the opposite side, Christy’s Christmas Angel, Taylor Wilde hits a drop kick from the top rope for a pin attempt, only getting a two count.

Taylor runs the ropes to go for another drop kick to Kong, kicking her all the way out the ring. Christy tries to keep the momentum up but is cut short when she is pulled to the outside by Saeed.

Wasting little time, Taylor goes after Kong but is stopped in her tracks from a surprise attack at the hands of Rhaka Khan. Using her long legs, Rhaka Kahn takes Taylor down with a leg drop to her back. Rhaka brings Taylor back up to her feet only to be caught by a complete surprise pin roll through for the three count, giving Taylor, Christy, Roxxi and ODB the win in this Knockouts tag match! The night ends with a stare down between both teams, particularly with Christy and Awesome Kong who were booked for a rematch following their initial match at Final Resolution ending in DQ.

This second helping of the Knockouts Santa workshop street fight wasn’t as “hardcore” as the first one but it was still pretty action packed, gave a chance to showcase everyone in the match while still telling the ongoing story between Christy and Awesome Kong leading up so their upcoming match at Genesis. Unfortunately, that match never happened because of Christy’s injury that would eventually lead to her retirement from the ring but it was still a highlight for Christy’s wrestling career.

While she certainly is no Tina Fey, I still give Daffney a big thumbs up for her portrayal of Sarah Palin. I always got a real good laugh from Daffney’s Alaska accent and the backstage segments she had with The Beautiful People. While the parody of Sarah Palin was the “thing” in 2008, I do think TNA dragged out a bit too long after the actual United States Presidential Elections.

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