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TNA Turning Point Predictions: Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

Returning Knockout Gail Kim challenges Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship tonight at Turning Point. Who will win? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Bobby: This is a tough one to call. It could really go either way and I’m personally a fan of both women involved. I could easily see Gail taking the title to give Miss Karen’s group all the glory, and we know from past experience that TNA is no stranger to short Knockout title reigns. The one thing that stops me from believing Velvet will lose just yet is that TNA seem to take a lot of pride in her being the champion, what with the video packages and all. I’d love to see Gail get the Knockouts Title again, but for tonight’s event, I’m seeing Velvet Sky retain, perhaps with a little help from Aunt Traci.

Erin: Gail has been pushed to the moon in her short time back with TNA, but I can’t imagine them pushing her this far so early. She’s got one title around her waist already, so unless they’re aiming for a Gail-centric division (which wouldn’t be entirely unrealistic), I think they’re more likely using this match as a way to add a bit more legitimacy to Velvet Sky’s title reign. Beating Gail, someone who has been largely untouchable since her return, would help make her look like a powerful champion and give her a victory against team Karen. Velvet Sky wins and retains her the Knockouts Title.

Katelyn: My vote goes to Velvet Sky. Not only does she deserve a lengthy reign, a victory over Gail would solidify her as a fighting champion. Already one half of the tag team champions, the strongly-booked Gail Kim doesn’t need the win.

Melanie: I think tonight is the end-game for weeks of build for Gail Kim upon her return. While fans have been complaining that she’s been pushed to the moon since coming back, I think it was part of a bigger picture and to serve a higher purpose and that is to put over Velvet Sky tonight at Turning Point and solidify her Knockouts Title reign. Gail has been extremely hot since her comeback, aligning herself with the Knockouts VP and becoming one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. I believe that build is all leading up to her taking her first loss tonight against Velvet, which will really help get Velvet’s title reign off to a good start as she will have picked off such a talent who’s been on such a high lately. Velvet Sky wins.

Who do you think will win tonight?

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